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20 Feb 2024

Meet the exhibitor: Vegefarm Corp

Meet the exhibitor: Vegefarm Corp

In the United Kingdom, Veganuary, an annual challenge initiated by a UK non-profit organization since 2014, has become a potent catalyst for the surge in demand for plant-based products.

In the UK, more and more people are starting to pay attention to dairy and egg-free alternatives. This shift is driven by religious customs, as well as responding to global trends, the increasing awareness of environmental protection, and the changing health consciousness. As one of Taiwan's earliest and largest plant-based food manufacturers, they consciously cater to the specific dietary preferences of the UK's vegetarian community.

Vegefarm's dedication to innovation is evident in its diverse product offerings tailored to meet the unique demands of the UK market. From Vegan Pork-less Bacon to Vegan Calamari-free Rings, Vegan Shrimp-free, Vegan Tuna-free Salad, and Vegan Shiitake Burger Patty, the company has become a preferred provider for those seeking varied, plant-based alternatives.

As a leading plant-based food manufacturer in Taiwan, Vegefarm prioritizes eco-friendly practices. We actively reduce carbon emissions by embracing green energy, such as solar power and natural gas, while minimizing plastic use and optimizing energy efficiency with innovative technologies like IQF freezing and variable frequency drive systems. Our commitment to sustainability drives our efforts towards a greener future.

Looking forward, Vegefarm is ready to showcase its innovations at the upcoming edition of HRC, offering a platform to exchange insights and perspectives on the evolving landscape of plant-based culture.

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