For more than 86 years Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) has stood at the forefront of hospitality innovation, as a hotel professional be prepared to discover new products and services that have been specifically chosen to enhance your business and attend talks and workshops curated to provide you with valuable insights and ideas to implement in your hotel. 

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Seek out intriguing food & drink brands to enhance your Hotel's offering.

In this area, you will taste and source exciting new flavours and products to meet your Hotel's needs, increase guest satisfaction and set your hotel apart from competitors.

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Hospitality Tech

Our hospitality tech section highlights world-class tech solutions and products that will enhance your hotel experience.

Visit this area to experience the latest tech products that have hit the market in the last year. If you are looking to improve efficiency and productivity within your hotel and increase guest and staff satisfaction, this area is the place for you.

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Design and Décor

In our dedicated design and décor section you will discover design led products and solutions to enhance the look and feel of your hotel, set your hotel apart from your competitors and make it a destination that your guests will return to.

Visit this section to explore and source the latest interior and exterior design trends and products in the hotel market!

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Professional Kitchen

In this area of the show you will find the latest innovative professional kitchen equipment available in the market that are a must-have for your hotel's kitchen.

You can expect to experience and demo cutting-edge products that will improve the efficiency of your hotel, increase cooking quality and help set your kitchen apart from competitors.

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