The Vision Stage is the go-to destination to learn about the latest trends from across the food, drink and hospitality industries. You can listen to talks, panel discussions and interviews from industry leading speakers and influencers. Leave the sessions feeling inspired to implement new changes to drive your business forward. Dedicated session's will tackle topics from the perspective of hoteliers, restaurateurs and catering professionals, all with a common theme covering foodservice throughout. Why pay to attend a conference when you can see the best operators in the industry speak for free?

Next year’s stage sessions will include key industry topics that we are seeing across the headlines including:

Staff Recruitment and Retention – How can your business tackle the growing negative perception of working in hospitality? What alternatives can your business implement do improve the happiness and overall wellbeing of your staff?

Sustainability and Waste Management – How can your business lessen the amount of food that goes to waste each day? Can your business be more self-sufficient? What resources are available for reusing food? Plastic-free alternatives – how small changes can create big results.

Health & Wellbeing – What can you do to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff? Flexible working, mental health support and adapting your business model to change the way you do business for the better. ‘Experimental’offerings in hotels and the increase in health and wellbeing benefits for guests – ideas and inspiration to take away for your business. 

Marketing & Branding Masterclasses – The rise of influencers and how to work with them, how to make sure your offerings are ‘Instagramable’ and social media tips and branding best practice.

Alternative Revenue Streams & The Future of Restaurant Design – The growth of food delivery opportunities, increased number of Dark Kitchens around the UK, restaurant design and how food delivery services are impacting restaurants.

The Great British Drinks Movement – At the show you can learn about, taste and source alcoholic and alcoholic-free drinks from across the UK. With a rise in the range of drinks coming from our home soil, we feel it’s the best time to celebrate British drinks, whilst also highlighting the next big drink trends for 2020 onwards.

All our session topics link back to the all-encompassing theme of foodservice and hospitality so visitors can leave with key learnings to implement in your business.

The full session timetable and speaker programme will be announced in Autumn 2019.

The speaker application for HRC is now closed. 

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