How can your business tackle the growing negative perception of working in hospitality? What alternatives can your business implement to improve the happiness and overall wellbeing of your staff? At HRC we will be discussing best practices for recruiting new staff and provide you with tips and advice from leading business owners in the UK.

To find out more about what hospitality professional think about the industry, we have launched the UK's Largest Hospitality Salary Survey. We want to know what keeps you working in hospitality and what your employers should be doing better. The survey closes on 31st January 2020

The findings of this survey will build a report that will not only create change within our industry but help outsiders understand that working in hospitality is a job worth considering. The findings will also be discussed on a panel discussion taking place at HRC. 

HRC20 Hospitality Survey



The Vision Stage is the go-to destination to learn about the latest trends from across the food, drink and hospitality industries, hosting impactful presentations, key-note interviews and panel discussions. Stage sessions covering Staff Recruitment and Retention will include: Do You Want to Work Here? A Lesson in Attracting and Retaining Staff and results of the UK's Largest Hospitality Salary Survey.