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In this month's 'Spotlight on...' series, we focus on sustainability. The hospitality industry is striving to become more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint, so we want to support you to ensure you have the insight you need to make sustainable changes to your business.

Many businesses are already leading the way with tackling food waste, using plastic alternatives, and using local produce but there is much more to be done and for some businesses, it is knowing where to start. We are here to help, so we have reached out to industry pioneers to provide you with ideas, products, and resources to help and inspire you to implement sustainable changes in your hospitality business.

Read on for insightful interviews, articles, and products all with a leading focus on sustainability.

  • Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future - Plastic-Free Solutions

    The industry’s commendable efforts in plastic reduction have gone backwards in the wake of Covid-19 with lazy solutions resorting in a surge of plastic usage and waste. Join Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine and two trailblazing innovators who are championing plastic-free solutions to the world of food and drink.
  • Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future - The War on Food Waste

    With so many innovative solutions to tackle food waste on offer for businesses, there really is no excuse anymore. Holly Shackleton chats to Rubies in the Rubble and Toast Ale, who are leading the war on food waste as they discuss the practical solutions and products to help your business.
  • Sustainability in Restaurant Design

    In this video interview Katy Moses MD at KAM Media and David Chenery, founder of Object, Space, Place, discuss the impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had on sustainability within hospitality and where it will feature going forwards. [Topics: Sustainability, Sustainable Design]
  • WRAP: Considerations for Compostable Plastic Packaging

    WRAP have put together a step-by-step guide to help businesses make choices about where to use compostable plastic packaging in their business. [Topics: Sustainability, Plastic-Free Solutions]

    We chatted to Jamie Crummie, Co-Founder of Too Good To Go about the impact of global food waste on our planet, the operators that have gone above and beyond during the pandemic and his tips for businesses starting their food waste journey. [Topics: Sustainability, The War on Food Waste] 
  • Re-open Right Hacks with SRA: Olio x Lexington Catering

    We joined forces with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, to learn about how one of their members, OLIO & Lexington Catering, have gone to every effort over the last few months to ensure they continue to service their customers with sustainability at the very forefront. [Topics: Sustainability, The War on Food Waste] 
  • Re-open Right Hacks with SRA: Daylesford Organic

    We caught up with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, as we discussed how one of their members, Daylesford Organic, are keeping a lid on single-use packaging providing customers with a safe and sustainable service. [Topics: Sustainability, Plastic-Free Solutions, Championing Local]
  • Considerate Group: Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

    The hospitality industry is coming to grips with a host of new cleaning, hygiene and social distancing requirements, as well as the rebuilding of public confidence. So, how can these businesses protect against the virus whilst also limiting plastic waste? [Topics: Sustainability, Plastic-Free Solutions]

    We reached out to Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a rising use in plastic particularly in the hospitality industry, and some of the innovative solutions she has seen. [Topics: Sustainability, Plastic-Free Solutions]
  • Re-open Right Hacks with SRA: No.1 Harbourside

    Restaurants have been encouraging customers to eat out again and trying to ensure they feel safe to return. Many though, have also taken steps to ensure that this isn’t at the expense of the planet, their staff or their suppliers. No1 Harbourside are an exemplary post-lockdown example in championing local produce. [Topics: Championing Local, Sustainability]

    As part of this months 'Spotlight on...Sustainability' series, we interviewed James Ghaffari, Director of B Corp Certification at B Lab UK to discuss how they supported businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic and the benefits of embracing local credentials. [Topics: Sustainability, Championing Local]
  • Sustainable Hospitality:Trends and Tips for Hotels

    From reducing food waste and water usage to eliminating plastic and paper, Trivago highlight the sustainable trends that many hotel groups and independent hotels are implementing to do their bit for the environment. [Topic: Sustainability, The War on Food Waste, Plastic-Free Solutions]
  • Craft Beer Pioneers BrewDog launch Sustainability Report

    BrewDog have now become the first beer brand to become carbon negative. To announce the key environmental changes, they are implementing they have released a sustainability report outlining all the changes they are making now and, in the years, to come. [Topics: Sustainability, Climate Change]

James Ghaffari 1 

"I believe that as consumers are becoming more aware of the different aspects of their carbon footprint, focusing on eating foods grown locally as well as the importance of seasonality will increase in importance. There is a big opportunity within this for companies that want to take their customers on that educational journey, helping them to understand the air miles that go into some of the foods they eat and committing to reducing that." - James Ghaffari, Director of B Corp Certification at B Lab UK



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