Rehan Uddin

Rehan Uddin

Managing Director/Chef Patron, Asian Restaurant Owners Network
As the managing director of the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON), Rehan Uddin has amassed a following of Asian restaurants from across the UK. It has been his ambition to bring the sector into the 21st century by optimising the approach of restaurants using digital technology. Rehan has developed digital convergence from the kitchen to the front of house within his own restaurant INDI-YANG. Rehan is the social influencer for Rational AG for the Indian cuisine perspective; he has delivered the bespoke ARON settings for Indian restaurants globally. Using the Icombi Pro; for prep, tandoori and rice and dal settings has resulted in reducing the need for specialised skills. Rehan built his pedigree primarily through Bombay Express Torquay as Head Chef and Owner. He recently launched INDI-YANG, an Asian Assimilated Cuisine restaurant with an awe-inspiring emphasis on gut health and integrated digital optimisation.