Dr Stephen Mackenzie

Dr Stephen Mackenzie

Greenhouse Gases Specialist (Food), WRAP
Dr Stephen Mackenzie is a specialist for modelling Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in food systems with WRAP, where he helps food businesses to follow key principles of GHG modelling through relevant working groups under the Courtauld 2030 Commitment. He is part of the WRAP team that will launch a set of agreed principles for scope 3 GHG accounting for UK food businesses in 2022. Prior to taking up this role at WRAP, he spent 10 years in academic research roles with Newcastle University, Trinity College Dublin and University of Edinburgh developing Life Cycle Assessment models to quantify the environmental impacts of food production. He has significant expertise in modelling GHGs and mitigation pathways in livestock production systems. He has been awarded the British Society of Animal Science Industry Prize and is a fellow of the Robert Bosch Transformational Leadership Academy for future European leaders in sustainability.