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Arthur Potts Dawson

Arthur Potts Dawson

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Sustainability, Feed Me Seymour Health
British Chef Arthur Potts Dawson has been cooking for over 35 years, starting his career in 1987 with a three-year apprenticeship at the Roux Brothers restaurants in London. After working his culinary apprenticeship with the Roux brothers, he went on to work with Rowley Leigh at Kensington Place, Rose Gray & Ruth Rodgers at The River Cafe, Pierre Khoffman at La Tante Claire and Jamie Oliver’s 15 restaurant as Executive head chef. He restyled Petersham Nurseries kitchen, led the re-launch of Cecconi's restaurant for the Soho House group. His two restaurants Acorn House and Water House have won numerous awards for their excellent food and sustainable practices such as rooftop gardens, low-energy refrigerators and wormeries, proving the profitability of an eco-friendly approach. Arthur founded The People’s Supermarket, a supermarket that connects the urban community with the local farming community by stocking high quality and environmentally friendly produce from trusted, local suppliers. Arthur is currently Head of Partnerships, Operations and Sustainability at Feed Me Seymour, a Resilience and Sustainability focused Nutrition as a service food company , Executive Chef at Omved Gardens in London and a UN World Food Program Advocacy Chef. A Sustainable Food Innovator who demands change and reimagines the connections that food has with the world, making old food styles new again with an approach that revisits a gentler less aggressive way to produce, serve and eat food. With strategic policy creation and thought leading in sustainable food Arthur looks at the importance of ethical and human food connections.



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