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01 Jul 2023

Valentine equips operators to handle food allergies

Valentine Stand: H1830
Valentine & CuisinEquip
  • Valentine equips operators to  handle food allergies
  • Valentine equips operators to  handle food allergies
Valentine equips operators to  handle food allergies Valentine equips operators to  handle food allergies

Part of the company’s renowned Evolution series, the Allergen Control Fryers come in two variants, a standard pumped filtration model and a turbo pumped filtration model for rapid temperature recovery and greater output. The twin pan basket design, complete with independent filtration systems delivers simple, efficient filtering to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prolong the life of the cooking oil.

A comprehensive understanding of allergen control and full compliance is crucial in a commercial kitchen. With a recent debate in Parliament, allergens are a common topic for discussion on local and national news and a key area of focus for environmental health officers and the Food Standard Agency (FSA), compliance to allergen legislation is essential.

“From widespread conversation around the use of allergen products in commercial kitchens to the action being taken to improve allergen labelling across the foodservice sector, the legal obligations faced by caterers cannot be ignored. Whether it’s compliance with the FIR regulations or the proposed Owen’s Law, or the continually updated guidance from the FSA, caterers must understand how equipment impacts allergen controls and the management of cross-contamination risks within their kitchen.”

Caroline Benjamin, Director at Food Allergy Aware

It’s in minimising the risk of cross-contamination that the Valentine Allergen Control Fryers come into their own. Using entirely separate fry pans, each pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel to enhance durability and aid cleaning and with completely independent filtration systems, oil from each pan is kept entirely separate. For added usability, the entire system is colour coded as standard, including the basket, oil discharge pipe, filter basket and filter itself – helping operators to identify which pan is used for example, for gluten-containing and gluten-free recipes.

On the Allergen Control Fryers, Steve Elliott, Sales Director at Valentine and CuisinEquip comments:

“There is no doubt that allergen control is vital in today’s professional kitchen environment. From using ingredients from reputable suppliers to correct labelling on packaging and on menus, customers are, quite rightly, demanding clarity when dining out.

By introducing our Allergen Control Fryers as part of our ever-popular Evolution Series, caterers can further minimise the risk of cross-contamination in their kitchens. Using entirely separate pans and pumped filtration, the Valentine Allergen Control fryers allow operators to confidently serve their customers, confident that their food is safe for those with dietary requirements to consume and complies to current legislation.”

In addition to the colour-coded accessories that come with the Allergen Control Fryers, operators can choose from a range of genuine accessories, including splash guards, batter bowls, fish plates and additional baskets. As with the other models in the Valentine equipment portfolio, the Allergen Control Fryers come as standard with a three-year parts and labour warranty and a lifetime warranty on the pan.




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