Taurus® Rowzer Plus with 2 Beakers Frozen Food Processor

Gastronomy Plus Ltd T/A SousvideTools.com Stand: F121
ROWZER is a professional processor and emulsifier of frozen food.
Its attractive and compact design converts any
food you have duly frozen previously, into an
ice-cream or sorbet with a perfect texture and
The process is carried out without the need to
defrost the full content of the container, and you
can programme and process just the amount you
will use later, without defrosting the rest, thus
preserving all their initial properties.
To do this, we will freeze up to 800g of product in
the 1 litre-capacity containers supplied with the
appliance, at a temperature of -20ºC.
Below we detail all the specific features of the
ROWZER, as well as giving you some tips for
getting the best out of it.
We also include a series of recipes which you can
use as a guide for preparing your own creations.
•Easy-to-read LCD display with a function for
using up to 6 languages.
•3 independent motors. One of 250W for the
vertical movement of the spindle, another of
800W for the rotation of the blades and a third
for incorporating the air (15 litres per minute)
•Rectangular spindle and magnet on the blade,
guaranteeing a single correct position and ensuring that the blade does not become detached
when using the double processing function.
•Double processing function. This enables you
process twice the portions you have selected,
in two continuous cycles and without the blade
becoming detached or without having to remove
and replace the container several times manually. That way you can get a finer and desired
texture when dealing with products that are high
in water content or very rich in fat.
•The container is easy to manipulate if the
spindle blocks during the process, thanks to the
space the removable tray provides you to make
removing the black jar easy.
•Manual cleaning system. Once the black
rubber disc and the black jar have been positioned (without the container or blade), press
the corresponding function button. The spindle
will go down to its maximum lower position and
stop. Remove then the black jar, leaving the
whole spindle in sight for easy cleaning. When
the cleaning is finished, put back the black jar
in its starting position and the spindle will rise


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