Synergy Trilogy Range

Synergy Grill Stand: P505
  • Synergy Trilogy Range
  • Synergy Trilogy Range
Synergy Trilogy Range Synergy Trilogy Range

The Trilogy range comes with the most up-to-date technology from Synergy along with the option to control the
temperature bringing you a truly versatile piece of cooking equipment for any kitchen.

For businesses that are frequently adjusting their menus, the Trilogy gives you the flexibility to achieve the searing heat needed for fish, whilst allowing you to reduce the heat for more delicate foods.

The Trilogy can be converted into a griddle, rotisserie or wok cooker* making it multi-functional for cooking a whole range of foods.

All Synergy Grills, whether it is gas or electric now come with SMART control technology. These new controllers will place your grill onto a rapid heat up stage for 30 minutes to allow the grill to reach the cooking temperature faster, after which point it will automatically adjust to whatever your desired set temperature is.


*Gas grill only


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