SousVideTools® iVide Plus JNR Thermal Circulator WiFi

Gastronomy Plus Ltd T/A Stand: F121
 The SousVideTools® iVide Plus Jnr. Thermal
Circulator WiFi with a high resolution wide
4inch Touch Screen interface. It is WIFI enabled
meaning you can control it remotely from
anywhere via our APP, it's also designed to
ensure food safety. With a 45 litre capacity it
guarantees a temperature stability of 0.07°C
between 5°C to 95°C. 2 year warranty.
The iVide Plus Jnr. is our second water proof device for
the commercial kitchen, certified to IPX7. Under the IPX7
designation, the iVide Plus Jnr. Sous Vide cooker will be able
to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30
minutes. This means should an accident happen, and the
device is splashed or submerged it will not cause damage,
but prolonged exposure - such as placing in a dishwasher -
would be harmful.
Not only is the iVide Plus Jnr. water proof it also comes
complete with our iVide App (Available now on iOS and
Android). The iVide App includes features such:
+ Precise temperature control from anywhere
+ A collection of over 600 recipes
+ Our Sous Vide Calculator: We’ve done all the testing
and research for you, which means no more scouring the
internet for information.
+ Recipe Memory: Store your own times and temperatures
+ Cook history: For greater HACCP control store your last
cook 10 times and temperatures
+ Multi device cooking: Control Several cookers from one
+ Notifications to confirm when the water is at
temperature, and the food is cooked. Cook time
complete, don’t worry the app will keep the food at the
optimum temperature for holding.
 The iVide Plus Jnr. Sous Vide Cooker and its App were built
and designed from scratch to work together, and we’re just
as dedicated to the quality of our products as we are to the
food you make with them.
 A 1.5KW heating element means faster heating times,
so time spent waiting for the cooking vessel to reach
temperature is minimal. This professional model has been
designed so that you just clamp the unit to the side of
any suitable stainless/polycarbonate container/kitchen
vessel up to 45 litres capacity, and you have an instant
temperature-controlled Sous Vide water bath, with a
working temperature of 5°C to 95°C, and accuracy of
0.07°C. The stirred technology ensures no hot or cold
spots. Its space saving design allows for quick storage.
The timer can be set between 1minute and 99hours. Once the cooking time has completed the unit will notify you
by both an alarm and display indicator, whilst continuing to operate. Temperature control is very simple, with touch
button control. This model also features a low water level protection, meaning should you or a colleague accidentally
turn the circulator on empty or allow the water level to drop below the minimum required the circulator will shut
off and notify you by both an alarm and display indicator (H20) ensuring it remains undamaged. The machine is
completely constructed in stainless steel meaning it can withstand the pressures of the commercial kitchen.
+ High precision Sous Vide thermal circulator
with temperature control
+ 4 inch touch screen interface
+ 1.5kW heating element
+ Designed to fit to any round or flat cooking
vessel with a minimum depth of 16.5cm by
means of a clamp
+ Best performances up to 45 litres
+ Working temperature 5°C to 95°C, accuracy 0.07°C
+ Multiple machines can be managed from the APP
+ Offers exceptional temperature stability
+ Low level water protection device switches
off the Sous Vide in case of accidental use
without water
+ Circulating pump to eliminate cold and hot spots
+ Temperature sensor to prevent overload and
+ A convenient handle makes it easy to carry
+ HxWxD (mm) 285 x 159 x 121


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