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07 Feb 2024

NPC - ANPR Car Park Camera

National Parking Control Stand: P608
Paul Watson-Charles

Our advanced ANPR cameras read the vehicle registration plates on entry and exit of a car park. Our data centre will then calculate if a vehicle has overstayed the parking restrictions, any car that has overstayed can then be issued a parking charge notice.

Our ANPR solution comprises of advanced ANPR camera technology, image processing servers and wireless communication devices. Our systems have been specifically developed to provide scalability, privacy and flexibility. Combining these aspects into a single process has allowed us to produce a solution that is an elite product in the market.

NPC utilise the latest in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to provide a reliable and effective automatic parking management solution. Our advanced ANPR cameras are non-confrontational and a popular approach to modern parking enforcement, our ANPR service provides guaranteed security and enforcement 24 hrs a day. The ANPR cameras are very easy to install, with solar powered alternatives available.

Key Benefits:

Fully Funded - Our ANPR camera system is free to set up and maintain when you use our enforcement services.

Signage provided free of charge - We provide free car park signage and installation.

Full installation & maintenance service - We install and maintain the ANPR camera systems.

Latest ANPR Technology - NPC provide the latest ANPR camera technology providing a high quality service.




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