NE-C1275 Accelerated Cooking

Panasonic UK Ltd Stand: P340
The NE-C1275 Combination Oven features Microwave, Grill and
Convection Oven - which is versatile enough to cook anything from
hearty steak and ale pies to delicious paninis - fast and to perfection.
Downloaded cooking programs can be easily transferred via SD Card
making it an ideal choice for use in public houses, restaurants and
coffee shops.
High speed Fan Grill and Grill Convection functions
for faster browning results
• Combination Options include: Microwave + Grill;
Microwave + Convection; Microwave + Fan Grill;
and Microwave + Grill Convection
• Preset Combi keys offer 5 popular combination options
which can be selected with one touch
• Microwave has 6 power levels. Dual emission bottom
energy feed ensures even heating
• Convection oven settings range from 100°C – 250°C
• 4 element Quartz Grill with 2 power levels and recessed
• Three fast “Preheat” settings – up to 240°C on
continuous standby (will maintain temperature
for up to 4 hours of non use).
• 2 shelf positions
• Up to 99 programs available, each can be preset with up
to 3 stages of combination or single cooking cycles
• Programmable manually or via SD Memory Card and
your Personal Computer
• Fast cool feature to quickly reduce oven temperature for
easy cleaning and low temperature cooking
• Beep tone option and clean air filter reminder
• Program lock
• Oven must be placed on a flat, stable surface.
• For proper operation, the oven must have sufficient
air flow.
• A gap of at least 5cm (2”) must be available at the right
and left hand sides and back wall of the oven.
• A minimum space of 20cm (8”) must be left above the
oven and the 2 exhaust vents at the rear.
• Do not place the oven on a shelf directly above or beside
a gas or electric hob or cooker. This may cause damage
to the oven.
• It is dangerous to position this oven on a shelf which
is so high that food and accessories cannot be safely
removed by the user.
• Do NOT attempt to stack these ovens.


  • Professional Kitchen Equipment