M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers

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  • M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers
  • M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers
  • M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers
M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers M-iClean Pass Through Dishwashers

Premium hood type dishwashing machines with automatic hood system for glassware, dishes and utensils


  • Ergonomic workplaces, shorter wash cycle times, quicker drying, lower costs.


  • The new face of dishwashing is a pleasant working environment, beautifully designed equipment, intuitive operation – and of course perfectly clean, sparkling results.


  • From M to XL – MEIKO has a hood for every requirement.

The M-iClean H makes ergonomic and user-friendly dishwashing a reality for the first time.



The optional automatic hood on M-iClean pass-through machines removes the need to stretch awkwardly or lift heavy loads when loading or unloading the dishwasher, improving working conditions for kitchen staff by helping reduce excessive movement and the incidence of back and shoulder pain.



M-iClean also comes with Meiko’s 5-year warranty on the hood system – uncompromising assurance of quality German engineering.






Hood type dishwashers are the ‘workhorse’ for diverse types of caterer, especially restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, schools and care homes.


• The hood on M-iClean H opens and closes itself, with just a gentle tap from the operator or as the basket is loaded.

• Thanks to Wastewater heat recovery, Exhaust heat recovery and Retention of steam inside the hood, M-iClean can save up to 21% energy compared to previous Meiko hood machines.

• Wash results are spotless and need no hand polishing thanks to GiO Reverse Osmosis.

• Safety assured; the hood will not close on wayward cutlery or on the operator’s hand.

• Patented optional drying table speeds up drying and gets tableware back in use sooner.

• Control panel display can be placed on the left or right of the machine or mounted elsewhere at eye level; further reducing the need to bend down, or strain the neck, or constantly move from one place to another.

• Theoretical basket capacity 60 / 40 / 17 / h

• Programme cycles 60/90/210 s

• Long-life stainless-steel piping is used inside instead of plastic hoses.

• Meiko test engineers have confirmed the machine’s reliability and durability over the course of 1.2 million wash cycles, equivalent to a service life of more than 20 years.


M-iClean H offers payback in just 1.8 years!


Washing 125 baskets a day for 330 days of the year, the M-iClean H with waste water heat recovery and heat retention will pay for itself after just 1.8 years. All M-iClean H machines offer noticeably more comfortable work conditions and reduced loss of personnel because of back and shoulder pain.


Compared to a Meiko DV80.2 hood-type, energy savings up to 18% are achieved with FeelGoodClimate package, which includes exhaust air heat recovery.


Energy savings up to 21% are possible with the PureEnergy package, which includes waste water heat recovery and heat retention.


Labour savings of 30 mins/day



Customers taking part in extensive field trials also confirmed savings of approximately 30 minutes a day on dishwashing (approx. 120 racks per shift) because they are not having to manually open and close the hood.



















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