H. Lanvin et Fils Champagne

Crown Cellars Stand: F339

Hubert Lanvin, a Champagne winegrower lived through the phylloxera crisis which ravaged his vineyard forcing him to sell his land. During this period his passion in cultivating his land influenced his son Henry, who met Robert Andrieu (the founder of Champagne Lombard) during the First World War and they formed a strong friendship. Touched by Henry’s story, Robert Andrieu proposed part of the winery space to him so he would be able to produce his H. Lanvin & Fils Champagne in honour of his father. Part of the wine cellar was also dedicated with space for 3 vats of 50hl, one for each grape variety as he had wished for. After a long maturation in the cellar, Henry Lanvin was able to taste his first cuvees in 1931. Without a successor Henry entrusted his brand to the Lombard family in the 1950’s. Thomas Lombard has maintained this tradition in the heart of their company


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