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Ever wondered how the great Indian chefs cook amazing
mouth-watering curry time and again?
The secret is not only in choosing high quality ingredients, but also in the
way the spices are fried until they sizzle and pop to release those amazing
flavours, creating a truly authentic Tarka.
As one of the largest groups of Kashmiri restaurants in the UK, Aagrah have
been creating some of the tastiest Tarka bases for over 40 years for our
restaurant diners.
Our Executive Chef has carefully developed these recipes with your
customers in mind. Those customers are increasingly looking for a better
taste, higher quality and authenticity like never before. With ingredients
found in most kitchen and a few simple steps, you can easily recreate
classic favourites like Tikka Masala or Balti. If you want to really set your
menu apart from the competition, the Hydrabadi and Achari recipes will
give you 100% confidence in meeting your customers' high expectations.

  • A brand with a truly unmatched restaurant heritage
  • A full range of Tarka bases awarded Great Taste 1 or 2 stars
  • A premium range including favourites & more distinctive flavours
  • Access to a dedicated online recipe page and support from Aagrah Food's Chefs
  • Authentic, high quality yet affordable
  • Kashmiri/Indian food for your customers
  • A range of quick-to-make recipe using simple ingredients


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