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22 Jan 2024

FlavOil High Oleic Frying Oil 15 litre Bag in Box

FlavOil UK Stand: H771
Martin McHugh


Flavoil (Akarya Limited), 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom EC1V 2NX
Brand: FlavOil



High Oleic Sunflower Oil is a professional standard cooking oil with a High Oleic Acid content. Oleic Acid (otherwise known as Omega 9) is a monounsaturated fatty acid.

High Oleic Sunflower Oil must not be confused with the standard Linoleic Sunflower oil that is widely available. Standard Sunflower Oil is high in Polyunsaturated fat Linoleic (Omega 6) and has very different properties.



FlavOil High Oleic Sunflower Oil is available in a variety of packs including 850ml, 2 Litre and 5 Litre bottles, Jerry cans, 1000 Litre IBC containers and Eco Bag-in-box.

FlavOil Eco Bag-In-Box features an internal bag containing the oil in a similar arrangement to a wine box. The bladder eliminates the plastic equivalent of 13 bottles or one large heavy duty Jerrycan. The cardboard box folds flat after use to reduce storage and aid recycling.

The box is of a size and weight that can be used safely by female staff.

The box prevents light ingress into the oil.

Pack (shown) : 15 Litre

Net weight: 13.680 kg
Storage: In a cold room
Shelf Life: 24 months

it’s ECONOMICAL - good for business. 

Uniquely designed formula delivers long lasting frying medium that maximises food profits through oil cost reductions.

it’s SUPERIOR - food quality. 

Food stays fresher for longer, has no after taste, is crunchier and less greasy.

it’s HEALTHIER full of Omega 9.

With over 80% of Omega 9 and very low on saturated fats it is one of the healthiest cooking oils on the market. 

it’s VERSATILE - multipurpose.  

Our oil can be used for deep frying, pan frying, dips and marinades, sauces and as an ingredient! 

it’s SUSTAINABLE - planet friendly. 

Non-GMO, low carbon footprint and a cut in waste oil.

Product and Supplier Description

Trade Name: FlavOil High Oleic Cooking Oil
INCI: Helianthus Annuus Hybrid (Sunflower) oil

Akarya Ltd (FlavOil Brand) 128 City Road, London EC1V 2NX

0207 1381 077 website:www

Physical and Chemical Properties
Form: Liquid at room temperature.
Odour: Neutral.
Colour: Very pale yellow, clear oily liquid.
pH: Neutral. Boiling point (°C): >100
Hydrosolubility: Insoluble.
Liposolubility: Soluble in vegetable oils.

Typical Values

Monounsaturated Fats 85.1% Polyunsaturated Fats 6.35% Saturated Fats 8.45%
Flash Point 320 C
Smoke Point 260 C
Ideal Frying Temp. 170 -185 C

Ingredients High Oleic Sunflower Oil
(Optional) Antioxidant E321
Anti Foaming Agent E900

Stability and Reactivity
Conditions to avoid: High temperature near flash point.
Materials to avoid: Strong acids and oxidising agents.
Hazardous decomposition products: Acrolein at extreme heating.
Hazardous reactions: Polymerisation not likely to occur.
Shelf Life: Min 12 months when stored in nitrogen flushed container


  • Ambient
  • Free-from
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Long-life
  • Plant based
  • Sustainable



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