Cuppone Leonardo

LLK Stand: P829
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Cuppone Leonardo Cuppone Leonardo Cuppone Leonardo
If you are tight on space and need flexibility in your kitchen, the
Leonardo series of single deck modular ovens allows the user to
choose exactly what’s right for their establishment! With decks
designed to fi t bakery trays as well as pizzas, the Leonardo has a
multitude of options including cordierite stone base, steel base and
steam generator.
The Leonardo modular oven is the latest innovation from the masters
of Italian excellence: Cuppone. Leonardo is the first flexible electric
deck oven designed for pizza, bakery and gastro cooking to be brought
to the UK market. Featuring a highly intuitive touch screen control
system, the Leonardo can capture up to 100 individual cooking
programmes that can be set across 7 days.
Innovative features include increased ceiling height to accommodate
more than just pizza, full metal interior for gastro cooking and steam
generator, perfect for bakery use. Each size option has been designed
to fi t 400 x 600 bakery trays, from two trays up to a monstrous 5 tray
Modules can be stacked allowing the user to dedicate each deck to
a different part of their menu, with the added bonus of saving on
kitchen space at the same time. The Leonardo is beyond versatile,
extremely customisable and able to meet the demands of any kitchen.


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