Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven

LLK Stand: P829
  • Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven
  • Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven
  • Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven
Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven Cuppone Giotto Pizza Oven
The Cuppone Giotto was the first ever, electric oven with a revolving
stone base launched in 2009. Now, the second generation has been
released featuring touchscreen innovation. The Giotto guarantees high
productivity and withstands comparison with any other type of oven;
electric, gas, or wood burning. The Giotto truly is the ultimate in fast
food whilst providing the best quality.
Its beautiful aesthetic and stainless steel construction gives an ultramodern
appearance, which seems almost space age. However, it can be
tailored to match more authentic styles meaning that the Giotto fi ts
in with any kitchen. Further adding to its style, it boasts a panoramic
glass door and internal lights to check progress on your pizzas with a
stone-cooking base that guarantees authentic Italian cooking. Its two
rotation speeds also make loading and unloading as easy as possible
with pizzas cooking in around 2-5 minutes.
The oven easily fits into corner spaces and comes complete with
an extraction hood and stand with underneath storage. There is
also a digital control panel, which can be programmed to come on
automatically, ensuring that there is no need to turn the oven on early.
Despite similarities to the Michelangelo oven, the difference lies in
the rotating stone base that reduces cooking time whilst simplifying and
speeding up the work of the pizza maker, as they can always be loaded
and unloaded from the front.


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