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From recruitment to retainment, and looking after our teams. Hear all about staffing and wellbeing from some of the most knowledgeable industry leaders, recorded live at HRC, part of Food, Drink & Hospitality Week 2024.

Looking After Our Teams: The Importance of Physical Health

Highlighting an often less talked about side of wellbeing, hear our panellists explore the importance of looking after our teams’ physical health, including nutrition, physical exercise and sleep. Is there a direct correlation between physical and mental health? And how do we best approach both to create a positive workplace culture?


  • Gemma Meale, Director, People and Culture - Huckletree


  • Sabrina Gidda, Consultant, Chef

  • Meimi Sanchez, Global Senior Brand Manager - The Blend

  • David Carry, CEO - Track Record Coaching

  • Dorothea Jones, DEI Consultant


Diversifying Your Talent Pool: Looking Beyond the Job Boards

Live from the Vision Stage at HRC 2024, our panel of charities, non-profits and government organisations go beyond the job boards and discuss equitable employment. Find out why you should look beyond your standard recruitment practices, how this can create revolutionary effects for your hiring and positively impact your DE&I and employer brand too.


  • Greg Früchtenicht, COO - Saira Hospitality


  • Dolores Panetier, Head of Employment Partnerships - Only A Pavement Away
  • William Marley, CEO - The Employability Trust
  • Jessica Ridgewell, Head of Corporate Partnerships - Breaking Barriers



Turning The Tables On Staff Turnover

The hospitality industry is built for, and around, people. But right now, finding great team members is tough. Keeping hold of them? That’s even harder. Join Planday and their expert panel to hear about their mission to kickstart the Retention Revolution and how tech can help you bridge the gap between your business and your team. Learn how to empower your people, build schedules that work for everyone, rebalance the work/life equation and provide more visibility into pay with the power of technology.


  • Chris Blaine, Chief Customer Officer - Planday


  • Brett Smith, VP of Customer Support - Planday

  • Max Coltart, Head of Business Development & Partnerships - Countertalk

  • Morten P. Ortwed, Partner, CCO & Head of UK Expansion - DiningSix


Modernising Shift Patterns To Enable A Healthy Workforce

Navigate the tech labyrinth and reclaim operational ease. Learn from experts on leveraging technology to streamline operations, minimize complexities, and enhance efficiency. Uncover cutting-edge solutions to alleviate operational headaches, fostering a smoother, more profitable business. This session was recorded live at HRC 2024, on TechX.


  • Chris Fletcher, Founder & CEO - Tech On Toast


  • Rebekah Billingsley, Marketing Director, Brand and Content - Planday

  • Kris Hall, Founder & CEO - The Burnt Chef Project


Becoming "Change Ready" In Your Organisation

Change Readiness: Discover the critical elements that define a change-ready organisation. Robyn and Chris shed light on the mindset, processes, and cultural aspects that set the stage for successful technology integration.


  • Chris Fletcher, Founder & CEO - Tech On Toast


  • Robyn Filep, Head Coach - Otolo




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