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16 Mar 2023

New chef-free restaurant franchise Fiffis® launches at HRC and offers 3 franchisees the opportunity of a £50,000 restaurant fit

New chef-free restaurant franchise Fiffis® launches at HRC and offers 3 franchisees the opportunity of a £50,000 restaurant fit

After successfully launching in Europe, the low capex alternative to traditional restaurant franchises Fiffis®, is to launch in the UK at this year’s HRC show. Profitable, even at varying volumes, the franchise concept is extremely low cost to fit out – typically £50,000 - and to celebrate the UK launch it is awarding three new franchisees up to £50,000 to cover the fit out costs of a typical set up.

The Fiffis® franchise concept has ignited a restaurant revolution due to its chef-free approach. It delivers tasty and appetising meals from a wide range of premium, delicious dishes including French Bistro, authentic Italian pasta and pizza, English staples and a good range of plant based vegetarian and vegan choices. The solution utilises a patented delivery system, which ensures each meal is delivered directly onto the plate exactly as its meant to be presented, helping to reduce the level of skill required in the restaurant.

David Garland, MD UK explains. "You don’t have to be a chef or experienced entrepreneur to run a Fiffis® restaurant franchise. With low entry costs, a chef-free approach, zero back of house food waste, lower utility costs and full support available, Fiffis® represents a successful business model for budding and established entrepreneurs.”.

He continues. “We recognise how challenging the past few years have been for the industry, and we are delighted to not only bring this incredibly easy to run opportunity to the UK market but also to offer three new Fiffis® franchisees the opportunity to be awarded a fund of up to £50,000 to fit out their first restaurant with us.”

Fiffis® has many benefits but is particularly attractive to franchisees as it only requires a small compact kitchen, is profitable at varying volumes and no previous knowledge is required. To celebrate the UK launch, Fiffis® will be offering three HRC visitors the opportunity to be awarded up to a £50,000 start-up fund towards their Fiffis® restaurant. With designs from IKEA, Fiffis® restaurants are stylish and friendly whilst being functional and easy to maintain. Simply visit Fiffis® on stand H460 at the HRC show to begin an application. (Terms & conditions apply)

Fiffis® are exhibiting at HRC Stand H460

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