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06 Feb 2023

Meet the supplier: Tevalis

Meet the supplier: Tevalis

HRC catches up with affordable and quality EPoS system provider Tevalis, who can be found in the Hospitality Tech section at this year's event. 

What are you looking forward to at HRC this year?

To demonstrate the essential technology solutions to all verticals within the hospitality sector,  we use HRC as a great opportunity to catch up with our customer community, partners and peers about the challenges being faced by hospitality and how we are working together to use these as opportunities and make new connections. I love listening to our customers and introducing them to other clients to share experiences.

What can visitors expect to see from you?

We’ll be showcasing our award-winning range of hospitality technology solutions so hotel and restaurant operators can learn how to innovate their hospitality businesses. Our friendly and expert team have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience: they’ll be ready to demonstrate all areas of our technology ecosystem including our integrated partner solutions so you can see the entire customer journey.

What are the top trends to watch out for in 2023?

The focus on utilising technology that will empower businesses, rather than using technology for the sake of it, is at the forefront of hospitality operations today. We are developing new solutions that serve a key purpose and achieve this exceptionally, whilst ensuring the customers’ journey is as effortless as possible. There are also growing requirements for sustainable practices: reducing environmental damage through more efficient processes and partnering with leading companies in ways that include customers.

What made you sign up again for HRC?

HRC is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the complete Tevalis Ecosystem, from our essential On-Premise hardware to our innovative cloud-based management tools. We also gain valuable insights into the industry and various sectors by networking in person with our highly valued clients and by meeting new prospects.  This year I will be looking forward to our discussion panel with partners and customers sharing their experiences to upsell every customer visit within their venues.

What are your top tips for exhibiting?

Preparation is key! By having thorough processes in place and ensuring clear communication throughout the build-up to the exhibition, the actual show will run smoothly. This empowers our on-stand team to focus wholly on supporting visitors to our stand and providing the best experience possible.

What were your key takeaways from the 2022 show? 

HRC 2022 was a brilliant exhibition for us. It gave us more insight into both the hotel and restaurant industries, especially post-covid. This enabled us to adapt our technology in productive and flexible ways to better support our clients and new customers in 2022 and 2023.

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