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09 Mar 2023

Meet the Supplier: Jestic Foodservice Solutions

Meet the Supplier: Jestic Foodservice Solutions
Vitamix - Vitaprep

Mike Woodman, Head of Sales at Jestic Foodservice Solutions, on his expectations and experiences of HRC. 

What are you most looking forward to at HRC?

Mainly, I’m excited about meeting up with customers, old and new – and showing them a really good cross-section of our range of equipment. Also, this event is a great opportunity to catch up with our peers on all sides of the industry, to exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

What can visitors expect to see from you?

We’re bringing along a really diverse selection from our product range, including Icetro ice-cream machines, Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryers, and Antunes counter-top appliances, such as toasters, steamers and egg stations. Also, Vitamix blenders and mixers, Moduline cook-and-hold ovens, Alfa pizza ovens, and Mibrasa charcoal ovens and grills. Something for everyone, I hope!

Which do you think are the top trends for 2023?

Theatre-style cooking is getting bigger and bigger, with open grills and wood-fired pizza ovens adding drama and a bit of fun to the dining experience. Seeing live cooking, with all the ingredients going in, and enjoying the aromas, makes going out for a meal much more of an event. Of course, this means this equipment has to look good in front of customers. Mibrasa Parrilla Grills are particularly popular – really impressive fire-grilling machines. The leading model, the Parrilla Fire, can combine charcoal and firewood to create superb flame-cooked flavours.

Why did you sign up again for HRC?

We had such a great time last year. It’s the perfect place to demonstrate our products to lots of people, and to keep up to date with what’s going on right across the industry. We’ve made many friends here, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Any top tips for other exhibitors?

You’ll get in front of a lot of customers at HRC, so make sure you bring as many products as you can. Also, have plenty of people from your team on the stand, so you can talk to as many visitors as possible, and avoid missing any opportunities.

What impressed you most about the 2022 show?

The whole hospitality world seemed to be here – all in one place. We got to meet people we just wouldn’t have the chance to see in our normal working days. And everything new and interesting in catering was on display. If you’re serious about your business, you really wouldn’t want to miss this.

Jestic Foodservice Solutions will be exhibiting on Stand 2671 at HRC 2023.


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