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20 Mar 2024

Meet the Exhibitor: IceTeam1927/ Antonelli's comprehensive gelato making solution

Meet the Exhibitor: IceTeam1927/ Antonelli's comprehensive gelato making solution

HRC catches up with specialist equipment supplier IceTeam1927/ Antonelli to discover more about its ice cream/gelato making solution. 

What does IceTeam1927/ Antonelli do?

IceTeam1927 and Antonelli work closely together to offer a comprehensive Ice Cream/Gelato making solution for your business.

ICETEAM1927 supply specialist equipment small enough for a chef’s kitchen all the way up to a wholesale producer of artisan ice cream.

Antonelli has been the leading manufacturer of ice cream cones in the UK since 1912, as well as supplying specialist ingredient products for the production of ice cream. Everything from micro ingredients to complete and semi-finished mix products, where with the addition of milk or water a great finished product is achieved.

Antonelli cones

You don’t have to worry about how you will serve your beautiful gelato or ice cream. You will find the best of cones, wafers from Bussy and packaging for take-out/delivery.

Working closely with other specialist companies we are presenting a full business solution whatever your gelato making desires and scale.

Why are you taking part in HRC this year?

Consumers are increasingly demanding local freshly made products in their desserts as well as their starters and main courses. Although our companies are long established, we know that many in the Catering and Food To Go sectors will be interested to explore the option of making their own “Gelato Sweet Treats”, or perhaps looking for better options than they already have.

What products will you be showcasing at the event?  

There is so much to see, it’s better to list them:
Gelato Pasteurisers, Gelato Batch Freezers, Blast Freezers, Pozzetti serving cabinet from Italian company BRX.
Martini’s UHT gelato mix, Comprital’s semi-finished powder gelato mix, as well as Flavour Pastes, Variegato and Ripple products.

For serving we have a huge range of Cones and Bussy wafers who are the EU’s most renowned manufacturer. We also have PaperGel and EcoGel sustainable packaging solutions and spoons with minimal or no polymer content.


Why should hospitality and foodservice businesses use IceTeam1927/ Antonelli for gelato, soft serve and more?

We offer a gelato making and serving package to suit every need. With the finest quality and reliability with fast availability, it is possible to produce the best quality whilst keeping costs within the budget you need for a profitable gelato offering.

What trends have you seen in recent years in your industry?

Local sourcing and short food chain for least cost to the planet. Food allergen options. Sustainable packaging with ultra-low or zero polymer content.  

To find out more, visit IceTeam1927/ Antonelli on Stand H774 at HRC, or visit

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