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28 Feb 2023

Introducing...the 2023 Table of Honour at International Salon Culinaire!

Introducing...the 2023 Table of Honour at International Salon Culinaire!

Each year International Salon Culinaire invites some of the most skilled Best in Class winners from previous Salon Display and Sugarcraft entries to display their finest work on the 'Table of Honour'. We catch up with some of this year's participants to hear more about their displays. 

Shona Sutherland, Owner, Tastyful


Shona will be exhibiting 'Althea', a representative of nature's beauty, Mother Earth, healing and wholesomeness. 

She says: "I am privileged to be invited to display Chocolate Showpiece ‘Althea’ at the prestigious Salon Culinaire in London this year after her medal success at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg in November. With such a wide range of competitions, exhibitors and events, HRC is an irresistible opportunity to learn so much, connect with industry professionals, admire the high calibre culinary skills and soak up the electrifying atmosphere! Not to be missed!" 

Alan Whatley, Former Chairman, Association of Pastry Chefs

Celebrating a whopping 50 years competing in Salon Culinaire, Alan will be exhibiting a steam engine built from pastillage. 

He says: "I am always humbled to be asked to display a piece of work and look forward to the challenge it presents, I also find it useful when judging other peoples work to remember how difficult it can be to prepare something and actually get it to the venue!"

Indika Jayasena, Prestige Creations

Indika will be displaying a floral sugarcraft arrangement including sugar flowers, foliage and berries on the Table of Honour at this year's event. 

Chris Zammit, Managing Director, Sweet BakeArt

Chris Zammit

Chris says: "The chocolate piece I will be exhibiting is called Deer Mother Nature! The theme is about how the world is in a bad place and is slowly being destroyed by mankind. The Deer represents the eyes of Mother Nature, emotion, feelings, of how she is being slowly dying day by day, The Deer is the king of the forest and protector of all that lives, breaths, grows and hides there. It's time for us to take a stand, respect all we have, show gratitude respect and give it back.

"What you take from the land must be returned. If we do not take a stand then the future of agriculture, animals, insects, water, oxygen and man kind is be short lived. Our children and their children will be told stories that what we have now will be mythical and stories like dinosaurs are today!"

Omero Gallucci, Food & Beverage Specialist, Gallucci

Omero will be exhibiting a piece called The Boulangerie. Made of salt dough, it features a baker making different breads and cakes. 

He says: "Having been a past gold medal winner at Salon Culinaire it’s very nice to be asked to exhibit a piece on the table."

Nick Smith, Head Chef, Vacherin

Nick will be exhibiting a quirky, fun novelty piece made from sugarpastry/pastillage. 

He says: "HRC and Salon Culinaire has been an amazing stepping stone in my career and something I will always treasure. I'm thrilled to be a part of the event this year an to help encourage others to be a part of something very special."

Jane Hatton, Former Lecturer in Creative Confectionery, SouthBank University.

Jane Hatton

Jane says: "This cake was made to celebrate and commemorate the 125 years of the National Bakery School at Southbank University in 2019. The school was founded in 1894 and is the oldest bakery school in the world. I wanted the cake to tell the history of baking with its strong links with the Worshipful Company of Bakers serving the baking industry and training which has made its mark across the world. All the work has been handcrafted using royal icing showing a range of skills and techniques, not a mould in sight!"

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