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13 May 2022

The great kitchen bake-off – Unox delivers space-saving equipment solution

The great kitchen bake-off – Unox delivers space-saving equipment solution

With the average commercial kitchen becoming increasingly more compact, combined with a customer’s expectation of food waiting times being shorter than ever, choosing the right equipment is crucial. Now, thanks to the latest offering Unox has launched a new ‘bake-off’ solution.

Combining everything an operator needs to prove, cook and bake in one convenient stacked unit, the new bake-off solution features a BAKERTOP MIND.Maps combi oven, a DECKTOP MIND.Maps deck oven, a BAKERTOP MIND.Maps Prover and an integrated extraction hood. Ideal for sites producing a range of bake-off products including pastries, breads, pizzas and cakes, the solution also offers the versatility needed to produce a host of other dishes found on a traditional menu.

Remarkably space efficient, the stacked solution gives operators three unique appliances, controlled independently through one single digital user-interface. With a footprint of just 750mm x 783mm (w/d), the bake-off solution is ideal for compact kitchens with a high turnover and peak trading periods.

The Unox BAKERTOP MIND.Maps is an intelligent combi oven that is capable of grilling, frying, roasting, browning, smoking, cooking with steam and much more. Featuring fully automatic cooking programmes, the oven can deliver exacting consistency, while the robust design and innovative technology can withstand the requirements of even the most demanding chefs and kitchen environments. Designed for bakery use, flow fans create a uniform temperature, while a unique chamber design ensures compatibility with larger 600mm x 400mm trays,  optimising versatility, speed and guaranteeing the perfect cooking results.

Complementing the combi oven, the Unox DECKTOP MIND.Maps static deck oven offers the perfect balance of technology and tradition. Helping a chef to deliver wonderful artisan dishes, the unit opens up a world of possibilities in baking, delivering outstanding results on breads, leavened desserts, pizza and focaccias. A quality stone base delivers rapid heat transfer, reducing baking time, while the integrated boiler generates steam to achieve the perfect crust.

The final appliance in Unox’s new bake-off solution is the BAKERTOP Mind.Maps Prover. Precisely balancing temperature, humidity and time, the prover achieves the optimal conditions needed to create the perfect dough – every time. State-of-the-art sensors monitor internal conditions, while the design, without an internal fan, helps to create a natural environment, preventing any drying of the delicate surface of the dough.

An integrated ventless extraction hood, complete with self-cleaning filter allows the stacked units to be placed anywhere on site, removing unwanted odours and humidity without the need for dedicated ventilation. Controlled using one MIND.Maps PLUS interface, all three units can be quickly and easily programmed to deliver fully-automated cooking and baking. Up to 384 individual programmes can be stored on the controller to deliver effortless, consistent and intelligent cooking.

Scott Duncan, Managing Director at Unox UK, comments: “The new Unox bake-off solution optimises kitchen space while delivering versatility and flexibility for a business. With a BAKERTOP MIND.Maps combi oven, operators can produce a wide range of bakery items as well as traditional menu dishes. The integrated deck oven and prover are ideal for dough-based items such as breads and pizzas.

"Stacked for greater space efficiency, the new solution is easy to operate, thanks to one simple, intuitive touch-screen panel which controls all three units, and the addition of a ventless extraction hood, meaning the equipment can be placed virtually anywhere. This solution from Unox is designed to help our customers achieve even better cooking and better business.”

Unox BAKERTOP MIND.Maps has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions for pastry kitchens and bakery shops. It ensures maximum performance in terms of uniformity, precision and temperature management – three essential elements to producing the best bake-off results.

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