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20 Feb 2023

The game-changing Kate Tabletop Kiosk

The game-changing Kate Tabletop Kiosk

HRC checks out a new tech offering set to transform the casual dining and fast-food market: the Kate Tabletop Kiosk.

It’s fair to say that the past few years have transformed the relationship between the hospitality industry and technology. Consumers have rapidly become accustomed to scanning QR codes, contactless payments and PDF menus, but in many cases have been frustrated by the impact on efficiency of service and the customer experience.

Recently launched into the UK market, the Kate Tabletop Kiosk is looking to transform the customer and staff experience for casual dining and fast-food establishments, with an innovative tabletop kiosk enabling customers to quickly and easily order and pay at the table.

The Kate Tabletop Kiosk, created and manufactured by KateMedia, is Europe’s only tabletop kiosk, and the easy-to-use system means that consumers can forgot about having to scan QR codes, download apps and connect to Wi-Fi.

Customers can browse through images of menu items, choose their preferred mains, sides, drinks and more, receive menu recommendations from the restaurant and order as many times as they like without having to attract the attention of waiting staff. The kiosk also has a range of entertainment options, including 40 licensed games, perfect for restaurants, hotels and fast-food chains which welcome families.

Kate Tabletop Kiosk

Streamlining service

For foodservice businesses aiming for a fast turnaround, the Kate Tabletop Kiosk cuts out the time waiting to order and time waiting to pay from the customer experience, freeing up staff to focus on other areas of service.

At a time when staffing is stretched in hospitality and customers are experiencing longer and longer wait times, many operators are seeking out simple solutions to streamline the ordering and payment process and use waiting staff where they are most needed. KateMedia estimate that using the Kate Tabletop Kiosk can reduce the staffing needs of a business by 30%.

While currently around 60% of guests use the Kate Tabletop Kiosks to order, 90% use them to pay, with options for customers to add service, answer survey questions and pay using their PIN or though contactless payment.

Kate Tabletop

Ingenious integration

In addition to integrating with major POS systems, KateMedia have partnered with Syrve to create a powerful bespoke integration for their customers which can be purchased as a bundle to transform your front-of-house tech.

With information from the wireless Kate Tabletop Kiosks syncing seamlessly with the POS system, staff can have a real time view of orders and payments from each table and can quickly and easily make changes to the menu options seen by customers.

Operators can cut down on paper menus and leaflets, customers can split bills and receive emailed bills and menus can be quickly and easily adapted for happy hours, special occasions, new dishes and more.

The company additionally provides innovative electronic watches for restaurant staff, which are able to alert them when tables have ordered, have paid or if they need any assistance with their order, meaning that once again waiting staff are able to keep on top of what’s happening in the restaurant without having to individually visit each table.

Unlike the charges for payment through mobile apps, the Kate Tabletop Kiosk uses a card reader and therefore avoids the large transaction fees often associated with self-service at-table payments. The business has also partnered with major global acquiring firms for streamlined processing of customer transactions.  

Interested to learn more about the Kate Tabletop Kiosk? The team will be on hand on stand H1868 in the Hospitality Tech section of HRC to demo the product and discuss how it can transform how you can earn more, sell more and save more. Find out more at



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