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10 Jun 2022

The Burnt Chef Project launches wellbeing app for the hospitality industry

The Burnt Chef Project launches wellbeing app for the hospitality industry

The Burnt Chef Project has partnered with mental health service provider Thrive to offer the hospitality industry an award winning wellbeing app approved by the NHS.

With four out of five hospitality professionals experiencing at least one issue with their mental health during their career, The Burnt Chef Project’s latest partnership aims to bring even more mental health and wellbeing support to individuals in the sector.

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app in partnership with The Burnt Chef Project is available to businesses on a monthly subscription basis and aims to provide easy mental healthcare access to the hospitality workforce. The app features 100+ hours of content covering meditation, deep muscle relaxation and self suggestion tools as well as unlimited in-app therapy via fully trained therapists who are able to guide any MHFA/Wellbeing Champions on how to further support their colleagues.

The app is available in nine different languages and available internationally to any organisation wishing to take a proactive approach to addressing workplace wellbeing and supporting their mental health trained team members.

Designed to offer support all levels of hospitality including Managers, MHFA trained individuals, Wellbeing Champions, and both Front and Back of House positions, the app enables workforces to have a better understanding and control over their mental health whilst also providing line managers and wellbeing champions with access to support from fully qualified therapists.

The app is designed to support mental health and wellbeing and includes an In App Chat: With access to clinically supervised therapists who provide text based support to guide individuals or provide most relevant support at critical times. It has resilience building assignments, a mood tracker and will also provide confidential impact reports to enable businesses to track organisational stressors through anonymous, secure data to make informed decisions and demonstrate organisational culture change over time.

Founder of The Burnt Chef Project, Kris Hall said “The Wellbeing App is the missing piece which moves us from a reactive position (crisis line and MHFA training) to a proactive position so individuals can be truly in control of their wellbeing and look to mid-long term sustainable development. It’s a vital component of not just providing easy access to mental health services to our teams and improving our workplace wellbeing but also providing critical support to the thousands of MHFA trained individuals within the industry. With over 8 million people on the NHS waiting list for therapy currently it's essential that we can provide access to both those experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing but also to those who may be overwhelmed supporting their peers and colleagues”.

Chris McWhirr, Partnership Manager from Thrive said “We’re thrilled to partner with The Burnt Chef Project to bring this technology to the hospitality sector. The Wellbeing App provides teams with a whole host of benefits which they can use an unlimited amount of times both confidentially and at a time that suits them without the need to contact Human Resources. The past few years have put even further pressures on the hospitality industry and to be able to offer this long term solution to these already stretched teams is a great step forward to supporting people's mental health and wellbeing”.

The Burnt Chef Project Ambassador and Thrive app user, Duncan McQuilken Said " There’s a side of my mental make up that tries to tell me that being gifted something in life results in me being punished in other ways and my joining this amazing project is teaching me otherwise. I have been working through the CBT module on the Thrive app and it’s been an amazing new tool in my box to maintain my mental well-being. I accept that life gives us lemons to chew on at times, I have trodden this path many times in my career, today with the help of this project I am able to do it without seeking the self harm of feeding addiction. Thank you”.

For further details about Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app in partnership with The Burnt Chef Project, head to


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