We spoke to the team at Club Soda to find out more about the no / low alcohol drinks trends they predict to be big in 2020, their Mindful Drinking Movement campaign and how you can join the movement!

Can you tell us about Club Soda and how it started?food photographer jennifer pallian sSnCZlEWN5E unsplash

Club Soda started when our founder, Laura Willoughby, decided to give up drinking back in 2012. She realised there weren’t many options out there for people like her who wanted something that was more like a diet club but for booze. She set up Club Soda so that people could take control of their drinking in any way they chose: whether that was to cut down, stop for a bit or quit. We want to make mindful drinking widely accepted so that everyone feels confident to change their drinking habits if they want to. 

You have launched the Mindful Drinking Movement can you tell us about the reasons behind this and how visitors to HRC can get involved?

We launched the Mindful Drinking Movement because we wanted to create a world where nobody feels out of place if they’re not drinking alcohol. The best way to get involved is to make your venues as accessible as possible to people choosing not to drink alcohol by curating a great low and no alcohol menu. You can find over 1000 low and no alcohol drinks listed on clubsodaguide.com so there’s no excuse not to find the perfect one for you. 

What low/no alcoholic drink trends do you foresee to be big in 2020?

The most exciting thing about the low and no alcohol space is it’s only getting bigger. We’re expecting to see more and more options for mindful drinkers in the on and off trade. It’s looking like the use of active ingredients will be a big thing in 2020, whether that’s CBD or others. Three Spirit are a great example of a brand already doing this really well. It also looks like non-alcoholic beers are going to venture out into some more esoteric styles as they follow a similar trajectory to the craft beer movement. 

You can see Club Soda’s founder Laura Willoughby on The Great British Drinks Movement’s Tasting Table, where she will be discussing the latest No/ Low drink trends and offering visitors the chance to taste the drinks. Find out more about The Great British Drinks Movement here

Session times will be confirmed in February.