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Most Dynamic Collaboration Shortlist

The Most Dynamic Collaboration Award is presented to a group of individuals or businesses who have come together to provide support during lockdown. This partnership has been formed to solve a need and has assisted at a time when it was needed.

Voting is now closed. The winner will be announced in a virtual awards ceremony on Tuesday 22 September at 4pm. 

  • Only A Pavement Away

    Only A Pavement Away

    As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, the teamat homeless charity Only A Pavement Awaystarted to see a rise in enquiries asking if they could help in providing meals to homeless people across London. From that the Only A Pavement Away Hospitality Against Homeless Campaign was set up to bring together the hospitality industry in a focused effort to provide immediate support to homeless people within London. The campaign was delivered in partnership with Yummy Pubs Co who cooked and distributed the meals, Thomas Franks Ltd who donated meals and microwavesto ensure that those who have been placed into hostels have some form of cooking facilities,and Paul Pavli Consultancy Ltd who used their network of distributors and retailers to secure suppliesIn the first 15 weeks of the campaign,the collaboration helped to provide; 55,000 meals, 110,000 drinks, 86,000 snacks and 2,000 Easter eggs, as well asdistributing stocks of hand sanitizer and shampoo. The current number of homeless people receiving food has now reached 800 people per week receiving 3 meals per day. With a total retail value of goods & services provided reaching an estimated £500,000k.

    Finalists: HospoLive, Place of the Way - Wrestling Demons, Supersonic Inc - 100 Day Playbook, The Core Collective, The Grand Outdoor Café