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How strong automation made us better hosts

Pioneering hosts highlight their biggest automation wins and explain how they are able to rely on their system to take care of daily tasks and communications. Find out how putting many little things on auto-pilot quickly drives big gains, and allows you to host effortlessly and give your guests unforgettable experiences


  • Ian Hardwick, Business Development Director - eviivo


  • Chris Graveling, Owner - The Grove Cromer
  • Peter Gonda, General Manager - Denbies Vineyard Hotel
  • Paul Munton, Owner - Snooze
  •  Pratik Parekh, Founder & CEO - Kings Cross Hotels Group

Future Tech Trends

As we enter the next era for the hospitality industry, consumer behaviours have changed and hoteliers must adapt. Join futurist Simon Stenning as he outlines the main drivers of this tech revolution and indicates how hoteliers will need to evolve to keep up. The shift from analogue to digital is a significant one, and Simon will also outline the tech developments that will enhance the guest journey and experience.


  • Simon Stenning, Founder - FutureFoodservice

The tech stack that keeps guests coming back

Getting repeat guests is the Holy Grail for hosts — and the foundation for any successful accommodation business. The latest advances in tech solutions help hosts navigate their way through recent challenges, and the savviest now embrace these benefits for ongoing success. With so much functionality now available, here’s what you really need in your tech stack to drive repeat bookings.


  • Christa Seeberger, CMO - eviivo
  • Lee Bryan, Head of Distribution - eviivo

Serving up success in a post-COVID world: Bringing the best experiences to the table

What do customers really want from their dining experience? How can businesses keep guests engaged? What should operators be doing to bring amazing experiences to the forefront? Kobas & Dojo answer these questions and more in this TechX session, supported by the latest hospitality insights.


  • James O'Sullivan, CEO - Klipspringer Ltd
  • Jonathan Knott, Head of Customer Insights - Dojo

App-y customer? Tech and the consumer experience


KAM unveils new research looking at the impact of technology on the customer and staff experience in pub settings, and how hospitality tech can streamline service and open profitable new avenues.


  • Blake Gladman, Insight & Strategy Director - KAM

Thinking digitally


It's more important than ever for hospitality businesses to operate efficiently, maximise profits and reduce waste. In this session, DigiTally's Patrick McDermott will run through how simple and easy-to-use tech tools can make a huge difference to the bottom line.


  • Patrick McDermott, CEO - DigiTally

Clearing the air—exploring the ROI of a cleaner breathing space

For the foreseeable future, the issue of air quality is going to be a long term consideration for any large indoor venue. Join Keith Frein of Sterilumen, as he explains the issues to be aware of in this field, shares high risk points of concern and discusses potential technological solutions which are already paving the way for hospitality venues and hotels across Europe.



  • Keith Frein, VP of International Sales - Sterilumen

How to fall in love with a robot: AI voice assistants in hospitality

At a time when consumer expectations and staffing levels do not match, ignoring customer phone calls can be tempting. However, every pub, restaurant, and hotel owner knows that one bad experience can destroy a customer relationship. So what can an operator do? Learn how some of the UK's most innovative pubs have deployed smart AI voice assistants to field customer phone calls, answer questions, and take table bookings. Technology breakthroughs have enabled a new generation of phone automation technology, unlike anything you have heard before.


  • Yan Zhang, COO - PolyAI

Digital Transformation: From a hospitality business to online retailer, how do you manage the change?

The pandemic forced hospitality businesses to be more creative than ever, exploring new business models and in many cases revolutionising their online offering. In this session we take a look at some of the most innovative digital transformations in the industry - and what the future holds post-Covid.


Chris Fletcher, Editor - Tech on toast


  • William Connors, Director of IT Operations - Popeyes
  • Dub Lee, Systems Architect - Honest Burgers
  • Steven Rolfe, Founder - pointOne EPoS

The true shape of digital transformation in hospitality

It's no secret the rate of adoption of digital ordering boomed over the past 2 years, and consumers are undeniably more familiar with online ordering than they were in 2019. But is this the true nature of digital adoption in hospitality or is there more to the story? QikServe's Founder and President, Daniel Rodgers, presents some startling data on consumer adoption of both on-premises vs. off-premises ordering and speaks to Wahaca about their experiences and learnings around adoption by their guests.




  • Daniel Rodgers, Founder & President - QikServe
  • Mark Selby, Co-founder and CEO - Wahaca

Why smart scheduling matters for a happy hospitality workforce

It's harder than ever to attract and retain talented people in hospitality, so how can smarter scheduling improve the employee experience and benefit your business? Unpack insights into the factors that drive people out of the hospitality industry and the practical changes you can make to keep your most important asset for longer and the business benefits of doing so.


  • Rob Foulkes, VP, Global Marketing - Planday
  • Ellie Hickling, Head of People - White Rabbit Project

Wallets, Crypto and NFTs: What does it all mean for hospitality venues?

In this accessible workshop from eDrinks, learn about some of the leading trends in digital commerce and how they can be adopted and leveraged by hospitality business owners.


Moshe David, CEO - eDrinks

The future of Indian cooking

By attending Expert Chef – Indian Restaurants Live online you will discover how RATIONAL cooking systems can improve your day-to-day kitchen operations. 

Discover how to easy-to-use RATIONAL cooking systems: 

› Reduction of preheating time 

› A complete replacement for your traditional tandoor oven 

› Increase speed of preparation and service 

› Space saving 

› Offer maximum energy efficiency, reducing energy costs 

› Safer working practices and environment 

› Reduce stress in the kitchen 

› Simple to operate for any member of your team 

› Consistent and high-quality results every time 

The final frontier: Making tech work in pubs

Katy Moses, Founder of KAM is joined by Tim Foster, founder at Yummy Pubs and Phil Thorley, Operations Director at Thorley Taverns to discuss the growing dependency on technology in pubs and how people and tech can and should be working together for the ultimate customer experience.

Host: Katy Moses, Founder & Managing Director - KAM


  • Tim Foster, Founder - Yummy Pubs Philip
  • Thorley, Operations Director - Thorley Taverns Ed Nutting
  •  Hospitality Operations Consultant - Stint

Too much of a good thing? Effective data use and capture

Overwhelmed with valuable customer data but not sure how to utilise it? Learn from our expert panel of data analysts and operators on how to intelligently capture customer data and how to use that insight to help strengthen your consumer relationships.


Victoria Searl, Founder and Head Hawk - DataHawks


  • Mark Smith, Founder - Double Up Social
  • Danilo Mangano, Managing Director, International - SevenRooms
  • Hannah Berry, Director of Marketing & Communications - Corbin & King

Smart and Sustainable Foodservice Equipment: Ask the Experts

Join the Foodservice Equipment Association's Chief Executive, Keith Warren, for an open panel discussion on smart and sustainable foodservice equipment. Keith will be joined by the chairs of the FEA's Beverage, Cooking, Food Waste and Fats Oils and Grease, Refrigeration, Service and Spare Parts, Ventilation, and Ware washing product group forums, providing you with expert insight on their relevant fields. Delegates are invited to ask questions to the panel.


  • Keith Warren, Chief Executive - FEA - Foodservice Equipment Association

Create Seamless Hospitality with a Tech-Forward Business


From online booking systems and apps, to eCommerce and contactless, the past year has forced hospitality businesses to rethink things from the ground up. Join Worldpay to explore how these systems have disrupted the traditional business model and how through careful integration they can help maximise efficiency, drive insights and improve the customer experience without ever compromising on quality.


Theo Leslie, Strategy Manager - Airlines, Travel & Hospitality

Sponsored by: 


Worldpay from FIS

Humans vs Machines


The speed at which technology has entered the hospitality arena is breath-taking but what does this mean for the customer experience. Are we at risk of losing the 'human touch'? Or does technology help us reach a whole new level of customer experience? KAM will reveal their latest research, carried out in partnership with Pointone, showing what both customers and hospitality staff think about the influx of tech within pubs hospitality venues. Operators will join Blake on the webinar to give their thoughts.


  • Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director - KAM Media

  • James Gilbert,  Head of Insights, Projects and Strategy - Punch Pubs

  • Chris Fletcher, Co-Founder of - Editor of Tech on Toast


Keep Your Restaurant Open and Set Up a Delivery Service Today


With the nation in lockdown, and hospitality businesses closed, it’s time for operators to reinvent themselves to survive the coronavirus crisis. VitaMojo Founder, Nick Popovici will present the simple and easy steps to building an ecommerce platform for your restaurant. Join other restaurants such as Leon, Rola Wala and Le Bab to deliver food bundles, meals to cook at home and traditional takeaways direct to consumers.


Nick Popovici, Founder - Vita Mojo 

Maintaining Your Online Tribe


Now you've grown your audience, how do you keep them coming back for more? Join chair Holly Shackleton, editor of Speciality Food Magazine, in a Q&A with marketing experts to find out how to maintain momentum.

Maintaining Your Online Tribe


  • Kelly Mackenzie, Founder and Creative Director - White Bear Studio

  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine

  • Arun Kapil, Founder - Green Saffron

The No Commission Mission


Webtools have levelled the playing field for hoteliers when it comes to competing for bookings online, enabling savvy businesses to get more direct bookings and save on commission. But, how do you know what is most effective? And how can you ensure that your website is working as efficiently as possible?

Host: Geert Buskes, Owner - Effecty


  • Seid Dado Ljumanovic, Group Director, Digital Media & CRM - Sircle Collection
  • Patrick Brand, Co-founder -
  • Pauline Verhoef, Director of Marketing & Communications - EHM group

Hi-Tech Vs. Hi-Touch: Finding the Balance

Technology is revolutionising the hospitality industry, but how do you find the right balance between high-tech and high-touch? Join our expert panel to unpick how our sector is embracing new digital products to support the guest experience, from convenience and customisation to loyalty, profitability and addressing your staff shortages.

Host: Sander Allegro, Chairman - QL Hotels


  • Ilse Kous, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition - Mews
  • Josje Vandongen, Head of Innovation - Hotel Management School Maastricht
  • Valentin Dumonnet, Director of Technology and Innovation - Hotel Okura Amsterdam
  • Florian Augustin, Chief Commercial Officer / Managing Director Austria - HotelPartner Yield Management

The Rise of The Smart Hotel

Smart technology has transformed our home environment in recent years, and now the hotel industry is quickly adapting to provide guests with a 'better than home' experience. From in-room voice assistants to facial recognition, casting devices to smart controls, our expert panel will deep dive into how technology is changing the hospitality landscape.

Host: Sander Allegro, Chairman - QL Hotels


  • Annette Lunter, Owner - Snoozz Hotels
  • Kaj Beetsra, Owner - Innovation in Motion
  • David Kijlstra, Co-Founder - Your Rocket Fuel

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