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All innovation comes by improving the initial design


The original model of Asian hospitality is broken. The issues stemming from lack of training over the last 60 years, the emphasis on labour intensive working schedules and no new blood coming into the sector have created a black hole in the industry that is worth '4.5 billion. How can the industry transform itself and how can hospitality as a whole benefit from the latest example of digital restaurants that work in practice as well as theory? A careful balance between technology and staff and customer user experience is needed and during this session we will unpack those real world examples.


Rehan Uddin, Managing Director/Chef Patron - Asian Restaurant Owners Network

Become a social media pro

Social media specialist and founder of Avocado Social, Alison Battisby, guides you through the top trends to look out for in social media marketing for 2022 and how to apply them to your hospitality business.


Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant - Avocado Social

Digital Transformation: From a hospitality business to online retailer, how do you manage the change?

The pandemic forced hospitality businesses to be more creative than ever, exploring new business models and in many cases revolutionising their online offering. In this session we take a look at some of the most innovative digital transformations in the industry - and what the future holds post-Covid.




Chris Fletcher, Editor - Tech on toast




  • William Connors, Director of IT Operations - Popeyes
  • Dub Lee, Systems Architect - Honest Burgers
  • Steven Rolfe, Founder - pointOne EPoS

Building Communities in Hospitality

Join some of the best and brightest names from within the next generation of hospitality leaders for a discussion on the importance of building communities within hospitality. Listen as our panellists explore how established paradigms need challenging and the importance of engaging aspiring hospitality leaders in the process.


Luce Watson, Marketing Lead - Otolo


  • David O’Connor, Head of Sales, Marketing and Community - The Alan
  • Naomi Hollas Project Executive - Oddity Events & Marketing
  • Cat Pengelley, Leisure Sales Manager - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Trends for 2022- What does the future hold?


IGD delivers a data-driven session shining light on the trends for 2022, plus demonstrating what operators should be paying attention to and leveraging for success in the coming year.


  • Nicola Knight, Senior Analyst - IGD
  • James Walton, Chief Economist - IGD

Back to basics: Out with the old habits, in with the new!

In this insightful webinar hosted by hospitality recruitment leaders Hospitality Jobs UK, we explore recruitment best practice and offer advice on how to recruit differently to ensure your business stands out to candidates, we will provide the low-down on innovative new ideas that recruiters do not want to share.


  • Paul James, Head of sales -  Hospitality Jobs UK 
  • Dawn Bowstead, Founder - Hospitality Jobs UK 
  • Pam Harmer, People and Development Manager - Upham Inns

Best of British: Making the Most of Domestic Tourism

It’s becoming clear that 2021 is going to be the year of the staycation for many people in the UK, which means it’s time to rethink our approach to domestic tourism. Our industry panel will discuss how hoteliers and hospitality business owners in the UK can capitalise on the summer of the staycation and build a strong returning customer base for years to come.

Ask the Experts - Getting to Zero Carbon in the Kitchen – your practical guide

Ask the Experts about Getting to Zero Carbon in the Kitchen will discuss the equipment and techniques that will help operators save water, gas and electricity. We will also discuss connectivity and the energy modulation it brings. We encourage you to take a lifecycle approach to product selection and consider end of life reuse of equipment – environmentally effective solutions that add value for the operator.


  • Keith Warren, Chief Executive - FEA - Foodservice Equipment Association
  • Paul Fieldhouse, Business Development - Ramco UK
  • Richard Fordham, Managing Director - Ki-Tech Solutions
  • Graham Kille, Technical Sales Director - Rational
  • Chris Stevens, Project Design Manager - Quintex
  • Lugano Kapembwa, Co-Founder & CEO - Loopcycle

Brilliant Brand & Marketing Trends

What’s changed in the industry and what’s going to be important for 2021? Join the Brilliant Agency's Lynne Pearson for a look at the key shifts in how brands have approached marketing, 2021 forecasts for branding and how brands have adapted to navigate the ever changing food and drink landscape.

Ask the Experts: Connected Equipment


Join Keith Warren, Chief Executive of the Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA), and his panel of industry experts as they discuss the rise of technology in the professional kitchen and provide the answers to the industry's FAQ's surrounding this trending topic.

Thank you to the sponsors of this webinar; Winterhalter, Ki-Tech Solutions and Falcon Foodservice Equipment.

Fostering an Identity - Stand Out From the Crowd!

There are many intricacies that go into building a great brand, and with numerous eye-catching products joining the food and drink market daily, it’s hard to stand out. From the people you employ and the ingredients you use to the packaging and marketing of your product, there is a balancing act to creating a strong brand image. So, what is the key to getting noticed? and where do you fit in? Watch our recent webinar and learn from three experienced beverage entrepreneurs to find out their key tips for creating a successful brand. 


  • Oliver Bennett, Co-Founder - Xite Energy Drink
  • Richard Goldsmith, Co-Founder - Moju Drinks
  • Camilla Ainsworth, Founder - Mylk Plus


Furlough no more: The aftermath of the F word!

Financial support from the government is about to end, but what does this mean for your employees? In this session our expert panel will discuss expected hospitality staffing trends and how to get ahead of them. With open jobs on the increase, candidates on the decrease join us as we outline tips for how to retain and attract potential employees to support your business growth.


  • Dawn Bowstead, Founder - Hospitality Jobs UK 
  • Suzanne Green, Head of Global HR - HB Leisure
  • Will Chew, Head of HQ - Cirrus Inns
  • Jill Whittaker, Managing Director - HIT Training

How to make the most of the super-deduction capital allowance

Keith Warren, Chief Executive of the Foodservice Equipment Association will break the Super Deduction capital allowance down into understandable terms and inform attendees of what steps they need to take to ensure they are able to benefit from the new capital allowance. The webinar will also feature FEA member companies who produce commercial kitchen equipment for which the Super Deduction can be applied.


Keith Warren, Chief Executive - FEA - Foodservice Equipment Association

Humans vs Machines


The speed at which technology has entered the hospitality arena is breath-taking but what does this mean for the customer experience. Are we at risk of losing the 'human touch'? Or does technology help us reach a whole new level of customer experience? KAM will reveal their latest research, carried out in partnership with Pointone, showing what both customers and hospitality staff think about the influx of tech within pubs hospitality venues. Operators will join Blake on the webinar to give their thoughts.


  • Blake Gladman, Strategy & Insight Director - KAM Media
  • James Gilbert, Head of Insights, Projects and Strategy - Punch Pubs
  • Chris Fletcher, Co-Founder of Exp101.com - Editor of Tech on Toast


In Conversation with Simone Remoli, Founder and Food Creator of Pasta Remoli

Chris and Kieron  are excited to be joined by Simone Remoli to talk through his journey and unrequited love of bloody good pasta, we will talk about his travels from the Trevi fountain to his latest opening at St Pancras International.

We will talk cooking, leadership, founding a brand, and the clarity of purpose that has driven Simone in partnership with his wife Francesca Tarquini to deliver the best pasta possible to the people of London, and we will without doubt touch on how excited Kieron is that the team are opening in St Pancras, he spends a lot of time in that station!

Keep Your Restaurant Open and Set Up a Delivery Service Today

With the nation in lockdown, and hospitality businesses closed, it’s time for operators to reinvent themselves to survive the coronavirus crisis. VitaMojo Founder, Nick Popovici will present the simple and easy steps to building an ecommerce platform for your restaurant. Join other restaurants such as Leon, Rola Wala and Le Bab to deliver food bundles, meals to cook at home and traditional takeaways direct to consumers.


Nick Popovici, Founder - Vita Mojo 

Leadership in a Crisis

There’s no denying, COVID-19 has forced us all into very unfamiliar territory. With difficult decisions to be made and leadership values under constant scrutiny, how can you lead the way through the storm and prepare the business to thrive when the upturn comes? Managing Director of Rowledge Associates, Adam Rowledge provides us with some valuable advice and key takeaways for leading a team during and through difficult times. 


Adam Rowledge, Owner - Rowledge Associates

Legal insights: Hiring international workers post-Brexit

The UK’s exit from the European Union has had an immediate and drastic impact on the world of hospitality. As of 1 January 2021, EU Nationals can no longer travel to the UK under freedom of movement, which might make recruiting a chef from a European country seem like an intimidating challenge. However, with staff shortages and recruitment concerns making headlines in recent months, can you afford to write off an entire continent of talented professionals?

Join Chris Harber, Head of Immigration at Boyes Turner LLP, to learn about navigating this legal process and supporting your potential new hires overseas.

Recruitment in Hospitality - What comes next?


Chris and Kieron will be joined in the Green Room this week by Abi Dunn, Founder of Sixty Eight People out of Manchester, Conrad Brunton, Founder of Tonic Talent out of Birmingham and Phil Street, Co-founder of Momentum Recruitment out of London to talk through the challenges facing recruiters in the coming 12 months. These three recruiters have demonstrated passion and care for the industry in many different ways and are integral to their respective cities hospitality scenes.

Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future | The War on Food Waste

With many exciting and innovative solutions to eradicate food waste in the industry, there really is no excuse anymore. As businesses and consumers, we all have a responsibility to help reduce this alarming wastage, but what if doing so could save you money, and increase profitability? Join Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine, and two industry pioneers who are leading the war on food waste as they discuss the practical solutions and products to help your business.


  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine
  • Jenny Costa, Founder & CEO - Rubies in the Rubble
  • Tristram Stuart, Founder - Taste Ale

Luxury & Hospitality Futures 2020: Trends Rising

As we enter the post-pandemic period and green shoots of recovery emerge in some global markets, luxury brands face a choice: digitise and democratise or remain bound to the way things were. Join The Future Laboratory’s co-founder, Chris Sanderson as he examines the eight trends powering luxury and hospitality, including the digital futures, the rise of solitary escapes and privacy-first technology.

Maintaining Your Online Tribe

Now you've grown your audience, how do you keep them coming back for more? Join chair Holly Shackleton, editor of Speciality Food Magazine, in a Q&A with marketing experts to find out how to maintain momentum.


  • Kelly Mackenzie,  Founder and Creative Director - White Bear Studio
  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine
  • Arun Kapil, Founder - Green Saffron

The £150k Marketing Playbook for Hospitality


Get your hospitality business back on track. A collection of industry experts have joined forces to share their expertise in brand, marketing, PR, digital, and social media, to help the hospitality sector get back on its feet. Whether you’re an owner or a manager, a single site or a nationwide chain, this guide is designed to help get the hospitality sector back in business. Join chief contributor Mark McCulloch for their free of charge insights in the 100 days playbook. Donations to Hospitality Action greatly appreciated should you be in a position to do so click here.


  • Mark McCulloch, The Food & Drink Marketer - Supersonic Inc.
  • Katy Moses, Founder & Managing Director - KAM Media

The 5 Steps To Maximising Your Profit During Re-Opening

Fresh from working with hundreds of Australian venues successfully through this exact situation in the last 6 months, Tim will share with you the main KPI's that rule your profit and loss statement and how focusing on them will make sure you end up with more cash in your pocket.


Tim Kummerfeld, Founder & Head Coach - Foodie Coaches

Sustainability 101

The food we eat accounts for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions. That means where we chose to eat out matters. With one in five meals eaten out of home in 2019, hospitality is ideally placed to be a part of the solution, ensuring eating out is good for everyone and has a restorative impact on the planet.

With the UK hosting the crucial COP-26 climate conference in November, now is the time to put plans in place to ensure your business is in the vanguard of hospitality’s drive for a green recovery.

This Sustainability 101 for foodservice covers the 10 key areas of the SRA’s Framework, providing your team with all the essential ingredients of Food Made Good.


  • Juliane Caillouette-Noble, Managing Director - Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • Hannah Dean-Wood, Membership Manager - Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • Louisa Dodd, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable Restaurant Association


Sustainability in Restaurant Design

In this video interview, Katy Moses MD at KAM Media and David Chenery, founder of Object, Space, Place, discuss the impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had on sustainability within hospitality and where it will feature going forward.

The No Commission Mission, with eviivo

Web tools have levelled the playing field for hoteliers when it comes to competing for bookings online, enabling savvy businesses to get more of their bookings direct and save on commission. However, with so many ways available to sell your rooms online, with property own website searches on the rise how do you know which are the most effective, and how can you ensure that your website is working as effectively as possible?


  • Paul Saxby, Marketing Director - eviivo
  • James Beck, Head of Partnerships - eviivo

The People Collective talk "Sideways" learning

People are on every board room agenda and rightly so, but what do we really need to do to set up an effective people strategy for a new generation of hospitality workers? We believe that social learning, or "Peer to Peer" learning should be an integral part of any hospitality businesses learning and development strategy. Our teams have stopped looking up for answers & inspiration and are looking sideways to learn from the people around them who are going through, or have been through the challenges they are facing.




John Mason, CEO and Co-Founder - Sideways



  • Leanne Tester, Learning & Development Manager - Pizza Pilgrims
  • Preeya Parker, Head of People - Grind
  • Avi Collins, Head of People - Tapas Revolution

The final frontier: Making tech work in pubs

Katy Moses, Founder of KAM is joined by Tim Foster, founder at Yummy Pubs and Phil Thorley, Operations Director at Thorley Taverns to discuss the growing dependency on technology in pubs and how people and tech can and should be working together for the ultimate customer experience.


Katy Moses, Founder & Managing Director - KAM


  • Tim Foster, Founder - Yummy Pubs
  • Philip Thorley, Operations Director - Thorley Taverns
  • Ed Nutting, Hospitality Operations Consultant - Stint

The Labour Shortage Challenge In Hospitality

The webinar will be exploring some of the key issues that have led to a labour crisis within the hospitality industry. Join Emily James, Head of Food Innovation, as she shares some techniques to reduce operational requirements and to help hotels and restaurants reduce the strain on their businesses.


Emily James, Head of FIS - Food Innovation Solutions

What's new in hospitality marketing?


2022 is the year of connected, mobile-friendly websites, social discovery and online review management. Join us to learn how you can use emerging technologies to help your brand grow.


Meela Leino, Marketing Manager - Verse

The Customer Journey – creating a sensory experience

The science and psychology of the customer journey is one of the more important stages of a successful retail business. As with many parts of the industry, it can be invisible when done well, and hugely disruptive when done badly. In this session our panel of experts will take a look at everything that goes into an effective and intuitive customer experience, from signage and displays to lighting and temperature control to the physical journey around a retail space.


  • Jeremy Bowen, Brand Ambassador - Appetite Me
  • Sarah Horsnell, Head of Buying - Appetite Me
  • Damien Burnell, Estate Manager - Penllyn Estate
  • Simon Spurrell, Director - Cheshire Cheese Company

The Road to Net Zero: Future-proofing your hospitality business

In 2019 the UK became the first major economy to pass a net zero emissions law, setting a target of bringing all greenhouse gas emission to net zero by 2050. But what does this ambitious goal mean in practical terms for the hospitality industry, and how can hospitality businesses effectively prepare for the road ahead?

Join this session to hear from businesses who’ve already embarked on their journey to Net Zero, how they’re doing it, the support they’re getting and the tools on offer to help your business calculate, mitigate, and compensate your emissions.


  • Juliane Caillouette-Noble, Managing Director - Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • Hamish Stoddart, Managing Director - Peach Pubs
  • Jonathan Lockett, Sustainability Manager - Pizza Hut Restaurants
  • Sandy Jarvis, Managing Director - The Culpeper Family Hospitality Group
  • Simon Mussett, Head of Environmental Sustainability - Sodexo UK&I

Ask the Experts: Commercial Catering Equipment Electrical Competency Course (CCEECC)

FEA Chief Executive, Keith Warren asks Martin Dagnall, Head of Training Division at First Choice Group all about the Commercial Catering Equipment Electrical Competency Course (CCEECC).


Martin Dagnall, Head of Training Division - First Choice Group

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