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Future Food Trend Tracker 2022

Key learnings and takeaways from thefoodpeople's future trend tracker to date, and a look forward as to what we can expect from 2022 in plant-based, sustainability and cuisine.


  • Charles Banks, Co Founder - thefoodpeople
  • Kelly Dowson, Managing Director - Good Sense Research

Vegan going mainstream

Verity Foss, Co-Owner of the Oowee Group, reflects on the company's shift to online delivery during the pandemic and the growth in popularity of vegan meals and products.


Verity Foss, Co-owner - Oowee

Ask the Experts - Getting to Zero Carbon in the Kitchen – your practical guide

Ask the Experts about Getting to Zero Carbon in the Kitchen will discuss the equipment and techniques that will help operators save water, gas and electricity. We will also discuss connectivity and the energy modulation it brings. We encourage you to take a lifecycle approach to product selection and consider end of life reuse of equipment – environmentally effective solutions that add value for the operator.


  • Keith Warren, Chief Executive - FEA - Foodservice Equipment Association
  • Paul Fieldhouse, Business Development - Ramco UK
  • Richard Fordham, Managing Director - Ki-Tech Solutions
  • Graham Kille, Technical Sales Director - Rational
  • Chris Stevens, Project Design Manager - Quintex
  • Lugano Kapembwa, Co-Founder & CEO - Loopcycle

Ask the experts - Adande


FEA Chief Executive, Keith Warren asks Refrigeration expert, Nigel Bell of Adande, to elaborate on a few key topics related to refrigeration in a commercial kitchen. They chat about energy use and its relation to domestic labelling and commercial labelling with their different standards bases, and key trends that effect the foodservice equipment sector.


  • Keith Warren, Chief Executive - FEA - Foodservice Equipment Association
  • Nigel Bell, Chairman - Adande Refrigeration

Ask the Experts - Williams Refrigeration

FEA Chief Executive, Keith Warren asks Refrigeration expert, Malcolm Harling, Sales and Marketing Director of Williams Refrigeration, to elaborate on a few key topics related to refrigeration in a commercial kitchen.


Malcolm Harling, Sales and Marketing Director - Williams Refrigeration

Ask the Experts - Ventilation

Keith Warren is joined by four HRC exhibitors, who give their expert advice on ventilation.


  • Emma Brooks, Managing Director of Quintex
  • David Collins, Managing Director of Purified Air
  • David Glover, Founder and Technical Director of Plasma Clean
  • Daniel Clark, UK Sales Manager of Extechnology

Ask the Experts: Food Waste and Fats, Oils and Grease

FEA Chief Executive, Keith Warren asks experts Steve Witt, Director of Ecofast UK and Julian Edwards, Chair of FCSI UK to elaborate on a few key topics related to Food Waste and Fats, Oils and Grease in a commercial kitchen.


  • Steve Witt, Director - Ecofast UK
  • Julian Edwards, Chair - FCSI UK

Food waste bad taste: How to keep food on the plate for planet and profit

It costs hospitality £3bn a year and 75% of it is avoidable. When everyone knows the damage food waste is doing to their bottom line and the environment, why is it so much continues to feed bins and not bellies? Three panellists who’ve made it their mission to keep food on the plate, share their secrets and highlight the potential rewards – economic, environmental and social.


  • Louisa Dodd, Senior Project Manager - Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • Ollie Hunter, Chef, Owner - The Wheatsheaf, Chilton Foliat
  • Liam Jones, Head of Business Development - Olio
  • Rory Capper, Sustainability Manager - Paper Round
  • Shaun Francome, Head chef - Cafe Murano

Ask the Experts: Beverage Equipment


FEA Chief Executive, Keith Warren asks experts Laura Hariani, Brand Manager at Jestic Ltd; Steve Slark, Director of Watercare Group; Scott Singleton, National Sales Manager, Welbilt UK about beverage equipment in a commercial kitchen.


  • Laura Hariani, Brand Manager - Jestic Ltd
  • Steve Slark, Director - Watercare Group
  • Scott Singleton, National Sales Manager - Welbilt UK

Ask the Experts: Commercial Catering Equipment Electrical Competency Course (CCEECC)

FEA Chief Executive, Keith Warren asks Martin Dagnall, Head of Training Division at First Choice Group all about the Commercial Catering Equipment Electrical Competency Course (CCEECC).


Martin Dagnall, Head of Training Division - First Choice Group

In Conversation with Simone Remoli, Founder and Food Creator of Pasta Remoli

Chris and Kieron  are excited to be joined by Simone Remoli to talk through his journey and unrequited love of bloody good pasta, we will talk about his travels from the Trevi fountain to his latest opening at St Pancras International.

We will talk cooking, leadership, founding a brand, and the clarity of purpose that has driven Simone in partnership with his wife Francesca Tarquini to deliver the best pasta possible to the people of London, and we will without doubt touch on how excited Kieron is that the team are opening in St Pancras, he spends a lot of time in that station!

Speciality Food Talks: A Sustainable Future | The War on Food Waste

With many exciting and innovative solutions to eradicate food waste in the industry, there really is no excuse anymore. As businesses and consumers, we all have a responsibility to help reduce this alarming wastage, but what if doing so could save you money, and increase profitability? Join Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine, and two industry pioneers who are leading the war on food waste as they discuss the practical solutions and products to help your business.


  • Holly Shackleton, Editor - Speciality Food Magazine
  • Jenny Costa, Founder & CEO - Rubies in the Rubble
  • Tristram Stuart, Founder - Taste Ale

The Rise of Veganuary - It's Time to Get Involved

Protect the planet and join the Veganuary revolution this January as brands, restaurants and retailers embrace the power of plants and a brighter future for our planet. Hear from industry figureheads, inspiring operators and pioneer retailers as they share their experience supporting Veganuary and the opportunities available when taking the vegan pledge. So what are you waiting for?


  • Scott McCullochm, Co-Founder and CEO - TheVeganKind
  • Matthew Glover, Co-Founder - Veganuary
  • Rik Roberts, General Manager - Plant Heads/CRACKD
  • Louisianna Waring, Insight & Commercial Policy Officer - Vegan Society
  • Steven Mangleshot, 
  • Global Executive Chef & Brand Ambassador - Wagamamas

Thirsty Business: A Drinks Industry Deep-Dive

The first session of the evening will see Kantar Group presenting some of the latest drinks industry market research, looking at data insights from the past year, examining the impact of Covid-19 and unpicking some of the trends that came to prominence in 2020.


  • Richard Lee, Strategic Insight Director - Kantar
  • Laura Willoughbly, Co founder - Club Soda
  • Raissa De Haas, Co-Founder - Double Dutch Drinks
  • Dawn Davies, Head Buyer - Speciality Drinks
  • Herchelle Perez Terrado, Founder - The Drinks Partnership

What's next? The evolution of the plant-based movement

According to a recent study on UK diet trends by, around 14% of adults in the UK are following a meat-free diet. The number of those who gave up meat in 2020 was double that of 2019’s figures.

As awareness to the benefits and accessibility of a plant-based diet continue to rise, how are consumers changing attitudes toward this trend exposing new challenges and growth areas within the market? With the impact on the planet, one’s health and price all transparent factors – what is the latest for the plant-based industry?


  • Mike Hughes, Head of Research & Insight - FMCG
  • Damoy Robertson, Co-Founder & CEO - The Vegan Review
  • Julie Cleijne, CEO - Sustainable Kitchen Consultants
  • Anderson Caicedo, Co-Founder - GreenBay
  • Michiel van Deursen, Founder - Capital V
  • Dr Carys Bennett, Senior Corporate Liaison - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Future Food Trends 2021 - The story so far


What were the short term trend manifestations that were confined to the Covid-era? What were the behavioural shifts associated with food and drink as we move into the reset era? And what should you watch out for the remainder of 2021?


  • Charles Banks, Co Founder - thefoodpeople
  • Kelly Dowson, Managing Director - Good Sense Research

How The Pubs Code protects tied tenants

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In this session the Pubs Code Adjudicator talks through some of the roles and responsibilities of the Pubs Code and the part it plays in supporting publicans in the industry, and provides an update on its latest work.



Fiona Dickie, Pubs Code Adjudicator - Office of the Pubs Code Adjudicator

Rebounding Opportunities in the Foodservice Sector in a Post-Pandemic Environment

In this session, FMCG Gurus will walk through some of the key drivers of consumer behaviour and some of the small changes that can make a big difference to a businesses’ bottom line.


Mike Hughes, Head of Research & Insight - FMCG

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