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Telling Brand Stories

This panel, led by Dan Nash will talk about telling your brand story, sharing strategies that can enable you to tell the bigger picture. Dan is joined by Annica Wainwright, co-founder of 2Forks, the food and drink copywriting experts and Sara Stark, Marketing & Creative Director at Dishoom, voted the number 1 best company to work for in hospitality 2021.


Dan Nash, Brand Strategist/ Founder - SixEight Agency



  • Sara Stark, Marketing and Creative Director - Dishoom
  • Annica Wainwright, Co-founder - 2Forks
  • Jack Edge, Marketing Manager - Mission Mars

The Customer Journey – creating a sensory experience

The science and psychology of the customer journey is one of the more important stages of a successful retail business. As with many parts of the industry, it can be invisible when done well, and hugely disruptive when done badly. In this session our panel of experts will take a look at everything that goes into an effective and intuitive customer experience, from signage and displays to lighting and temperature control to the physical journey around a retail space.


  • Jeremy Bowen, Brand Ambassador - Appetite Me
  • Sarah Horsnell, Head of Buying - Appetite Me
  • Damien Burnell, Estate Manager - Penllyn Estate
  • Simon Spurrell, Director - Cheshire Cheese Company

Fostering an identity - stand out from the crowd!

There are many intricacies that go into building a great brand, and with numerous eye-catching products joining the food and drink market daily, it’s hard to stand out. From the people you employ and the ingredients you use to the packaging and marketing of your product, there is a balancing act to creating a strong brand image. So, what is the key to getting noticed? and where do you fit in? Join our three beverage entrepreneurs to find out how they did it.


  • Oliver Bennett, Co-Founder - Xite Energy Drink
  • Richard Goldsmith, Co-Founder - Moju Drinks
  • Camilla Ainsworth, Founder - Mylk Plus

Mental well-being is vital, if you feel better, you will do better

Chris Fletcher and Kieron Bailey are excited to be joined in the Green Room by David and Jacqueline to talk about Mental Wellbeing, this is a subject close to our hearts so after I spoke with David and heard how he puts his strategies to work and how passionate he is about enabling people, it made perfect sense to open up our room for this discussion.

Playing to Our Strengths: How Should the Hospitality Experience Evolve Post-Covid?

Hospitality professionals have spent the last 12 months helping consumers recreate the restaurant or bar experience in their own homes, offering restaurant meal kits, cocktail delivery, guided tastings and more.

Luxury & Hospitality Futures 2020: Trends Rising

As we enter the post-pandemic period luxury brands face a choice: digitise & democratise or remain bound to the way things were. Join The Future Laboratory’s co-founder, Chris Sanderson as he examines the eight trends powering luxury and hospitality, including the digital futures, the rise of solitary escapes and privacy-first technology.

Staycation Nation - Cultivating Home-Grown Tourism

With consumer hesitation and airlines in turmoil over international travel, now is the perfect time for home-grown tourism to thrive. How can you reach a new market of jetsetters? And what can you do to keep them coming back even after the pandemic? In this session our panel will explore the opportunities that the crisis offers independent hoteliers.


  • Vincent van Dijk, Trend Forecaster and Partner - HBMEO Concepts
  • Sander Allegro, Owner - Allegro INNovations Hospitality Consultancy
  • Will Ashworth, CEO - Watergate Bay Hotel, the Another Place hotel collection and Beach Retreats

39 Days to go: Preparing for the festive period!


The Christmas countdown is officially on… now is the time to prepare your hospitality team and manage expectations for a Christmas to remember. In this webinar we outline the all-important tips and strategies to guarantee maximum staff coverage to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction during the first open Christmas in 2 years.


  • Dawn Bowstead, Founder - Hospitality Jobs UK
  • Megan Martin, Recruitment Manager - Daylesford
  • Mark Vaughan, People Director - Beds & Bars

Re-open Right – Preparing for a Safe and Sustainable Return to Service

Four weeks into lockdown, how well are you prepared for turning the closed sign back to open? Everyone in foodservice is desperate to return to what they do best. Andrew Stephen, CEO of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, will provide his recipe for taking this opportunity to starting service again safely and sustainably.


Andrew Stephen, CEO - The Sustainable Restaurant Association

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