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Take everything you know about tofu and file it under ‘things I used to think that turned out to be wrong’. Tofoo’s not the soggy, tasteless stuff you might be thinking of, and we’re on a mission to show the world that tofu is really rather brilliant! Actually not all tofu, just ours. We’re not like other tofu and here’s why… Our Tofu is hand made to a traditional Japanese recipe in Yorkshire. We take 3 ingredients, Water, Soy Beans & Nigari (an ingredient made from seawater), and make Organic, no press tofu. Deliciously firm tofu, no pressing needed, that can be used in hundreds of dishes! So in 2015, husband and wife team David and Lydia decided to rip up the rulebook and stick their tongue out at the tofu establishment. Tofu has become the UK's Number 1 tofu brand, and 2022 marks 6 years of Tofoo. Along the way Tofoo have partnered with online foodie greats like Mob Kitchen, supplied big UK chains and screened the first ever TV ad (and shocked a few people along the way!)


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