The Tea Makers Limited

Stand: F207
  • Foodservice
The Tea Makers of London is a family-owned business, specialising in single-origin, fully traceable, estate-grown teas and beautiful teaware. Our headquarters are just outside London but our origins lie in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka. Here is where I grew up, learned the trade as a tea grower and taster, developing what was to become a deep-rooted love for an industry that connects its customers with cultures, geography and weather patterns found continents away.


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  • Bursting with tropical notes, led by mouth-watering mango, this luxury fruit infusion is a ray of sunshine – whether taken aromatically warm or refreshingly cold.
  • Vibrant and beautifully balanced, this loose-leaf fruit infusion of sweet berries, blossom and tart hibiscus can be enjoyed as a summer cooler or winter warmer.
  • Our award-winning Vanilla Rooibos loose leaf tea is popular among the health-conscious due to its high level of antioxidants and convenience.
  • Blooming before your eyes, our award-winning tea bulbs unfurl to create a stunning, aromatic infusion made from pretty flowers and premium green tea leaves.
  • Class and convenience come together in this statement-making collection of limited-edition luxury teabags, offered in a beautiful wooden gift box.
  • Made from premium golden blossoms harvested in Croatia and completely caffeine-free, our luxury chamomile herbal tea is a wonderfully calming floral infusion.
  • The perfect after-dinner infusion, our highly aromatic, single-origin Peppermint Leaves luxury herbal tea will leave you feeling refreshed, calm and uplifted.
  • Zesty lemongrass and warming ginger combine in this uplifting luxury herbal tea, packed with antioxidants and soothing properties to help ease your digestion.
  • A Great Taste Awards winner, this premium loose-leaf white tea is naturally infused with the essential oils of jasmine flowers for a beautifully floral brew.
  • Our award-winning Iron Goddess of Mercy loose-leaf tea is a premium oolong with a creamy texture and divine floral notes.
  • Often referred to as the national drink of China, Dragon Well tea offers a light cup with roasted chestnut aroma and buttery and sweet mouthfeel.
  • Aromatic and refreshing, our two-star Great Taste award-winning Chinese Jasmine Green Tea is naturally infused with the essential oils of summery jasmine.
  • An authentic loose-leaf Japanese tea with a clean green flavour, our award-winning Sencha is refreshing, grassy-sweet and delicious whether drunk hot or cold.
  • This award-winning, first-flush loose-leaf Darjeeling boasts a delightful light amber colour and refreshing muscatel flavour that can be enjoyed any time of day.
  • Our award-winning Earl Grey Supreme combines premium Ceylon leaves with delightfully fragrant bergamot oil in this exquisite best-selling tea.
  • A premium blend of black teas, our award-winning English Breakfast tea balances strength with caramel smoothness in a classic brew that can be enjoyed all day.
  • A marriage of South African honey bush leaves, orange, coco and spices, this exceptional loose leaf tea offers a stunning sweet and fruity infusion.
  • Our authentic loose-leaf Masala Chai balances bold Assam leaves with traditionally grown Indian spices for an invigorating blend packed with warming flavours.
  • A bold single-origin tea, Assam Manjushree has an abundance of beautiful golden tips and delivers all the malty characters of a classic Assam breakfast brew.
  • This two-star Great Taste award-winning Matcha imparts a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness and no bitterness.
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