Quintex Systems

Stand: P629
  • Professional Kitchen
Quintex are the market leader in energy and grease management technology for commercial kitchens. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we provide innovative energy-saving, FOG management, and Heat Recovery solutions for a large number of blue-chip customers including; major restaurants, pubs, hotels, leisure facilities, and supermarkets all over the UK and Europe.

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  • Cheetah is the market leading Demand Control Ventilation System for commercial kitchens. Our innovative solution is at home in both retro-fits and new builds. Cheetah saves energy by controlling the e ...
  • Lepido is a heavy-duty heat exchanger for restaurant ventilation, built to withstand FOGs without the use of filtering techniques. Made up of a unique, patented, geometry of heat recovery coils, allow ...
  • Biofix - The eco-friendly biological drain treatment system Quintex have developed Biofix, with the objective of significantly improving grease trap and drain cleaning performance, minimizing reactive ...
  • Ecofix is Quintex’s unique self-dosing automated duct cleaning system, that reduces fire risk in commercial kitchens.   This advanced biological technology penetrates every element of a cooker extract ...
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