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Mixology Express Ltd

Stand: 5114
  • Drinks @ HRC & IFE
Mixology Express Ltd

Mixology Express is family owned business which was inspired by our love of cocktails and the Basque Country.

We've proudly teamed up with Tommy's Fizz Cocktails to offer an exclusive distribution of their handcrafted, premium cocktails.

For events, our concept emerged from observing the challenges faced by hotels to meet the demands of cocktail service, often compromising on time, quality, or consistency.

Our mission is to empower venues to streamline cocktail service enhancing guest’s experience throughout the entire event. Tommy's Fizz Cocktails provide a premium solution, offering high quality, consistency, and efficiency to venues across the UK.

Ready-to-serve and requiring no prior experience, our solution reduces wait times from minutes to seconds while consistently delivering excellence through handcrafted cocktails made with the finest ingredients.

Our vision is not only optimises operations but also enables venues to broaden their cocktail offerings, previously hindered by cost constraints and complexity.


United Kingdom


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  • A refreshing and fruity cocktail that achieves a harmonious balance through the infusion of mangosteen, kaffir lime, and cocoa. 
  • A luscious and floral cocktail designed for citrus enthusiasts, promising to take your taste buds on a delightful journey. 
  • A twist on the traditional cosmopolitan, infused with the vibrant essence of hibiscus. 
  • A fruity cocktail infused with Japanese inspiration, offering a refreshing and effervescent profile, ideal to quench your thirst. 
  • An exotic cocktail featuring tangy notes and a harmonious balance between spices and fruits. 
  • A refreshing cocktail featuring a subtle hint of bitterness, complemented by a delightful acidity and Mediterranean undertones. 
  • Delight is a fruity invigorating cocktail featuring a subtle touch of bitterness. Enhanced by the distinctive nashi Japanese nashi pear. This drink is an ideal choice for post-meal indulgence.  
  • Irresistible blend from the world of tiki culture, enchanting with its gourmet and exotic nuances. 
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