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Mechline is a UK foodservice equipment manufacturer focused on continually improving hospitality environments.

At HRC Mechline are focusing on reducing water consumption and cost, minimising bacterial hazards in food storage and prep areas, and cost-effective FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease & Starches) Management Solutions.

This includes the significant water savings that operators can make when investing in various Mechline water products such as the BaSix hands-free basin range, with push-front time flow operation; AquaJet pre-rinse sprays with choice of water-saving guns; and the AquaTechnix range of taps and pre-rinses with water-saving diffusers and face plates, which can, for example, save operators up to 62% of water!  

In addition to these water-focused solutions, Mechline will also be promoting their award-winning HyGenikx Air and Surface Sanitisation System, which is proven to eradicate bacteria, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in foodservice environments.

Stand H2051 will also be the place to be if you are in the market for easy-to-manage, compliant FOGS solutions given that Mechline offer a full suite of options designed and accredited specifically to address the problems kitchens face. Their Food Waste Strainer, GreasePak and BioCeptor systems help operators ‘Stop, Trap and Treat’ FOGS – making FOGS management simple and effective.


ONE Brudenell Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0DE
United Kingdom


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  • HyGenikx is a compact wall-mounted Air and Surface sanitiser designed to eradicate bacteria, viruses, mould, and odours in foodservice environments. 
  • BioCeptor’s tank traps FOGS, just like a grease trap, to remove it from the kitchen wastewater. It prevents FOGS going down the drain, and potentially causing costly problems. The tank has been tested ...
  • Mechline’s biological drain maintenance system is specifically designed to prevent the build-up of FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease and Starches) in commercial kitchen drains. It works by delivering a daily d ...
  • Stop food waste and particles from going down the drain with Mechline’s Food Waste Strainer. Staff simply need to rinse food particles into the removable basket, empty out the food waste into a recycl ...
  • Mechline’s space-saving, mobile, hands-free basins facilitate hygienic handwashing in any location. Models in the range are slimline, easy to manoeuvre, and the ‘X’ model can be used in locations with ...
  • Mechline’s robust hand-wash basins promote hygienic handwashing and can save operators up to 85% of water! The hands-free models incorporate leg-activated time flow technology, to maximise water savin ...
  • Mechline’s AquaJet range of pre-rinse sprays is strong, versatile and offers important water-savings. With a variety of bases, heights, bowl fillers, and spray guns to choose from, there is a choice t ...
  • Mechline’s AquaJet 50 wall-mounted pre-rinse spray is robust by design to handle the most demanding kitchen environments. Its coiled hose and built in restraining device absorb wear and tear and preve ...
  • AquaTechnix is Mechline’s next generation of matching pre-rinse sprays, taps and faucets, designed with hygiene, efficiency, and water-savings in mind. Heavy-duty in construction, and with its patente ...
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