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03 Jul 2023

Waste Less, Save More: Wrapmaster Empowers Chefs to Reduce Kitchen Waste and Cut Costs

Wrapmaster Stand: H2072

Wrapmaster – the ultimate chef wrap system – is calling on chefs and operators to act now on food waste, and embed cost-saving habits before the 2030 legislation comes in.

As the government remains committed to eliminating food waste from landfill all together, new compliances are already being introduced through the Environment Act 2021. In 2023/24, operators will need to separate their food wastage from general waste, as well as other recyclable waste, and send it for recycling. By 2030, foodservice sites will no longer be permitted to send their food waste to landfill or incineration.

This latest move in the battle on food waste will see operators experience additional costs on already pressurised kitchens. However, with early planning, Wrapmaster’s innovative food wrap system offers an effective solution to help chefs and foodservice operators tackle the challenges posed by the new food waste legislation.

Don't just take our word for it... The award-winning dispenser has built a trusted global chef following thanks to its ability to reduce food wrap usage and costs, as well as minimising food waste by protecting and preserving valuable ingredients far better and more cost effectively than traditional cutter boxes and loose rolls. So much so, that when asked, 97% of chefs confirmed that Wrapmaster has helped them reduce their use of food wrap in the kitchen*.

Watch our video to see how Wrapmaster benefits professional kitchens.

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