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Everyone is talking about ‘Going Green’ and becoming a sustainable business, but what are people actually doing about it?  Beginning to ‘Green’ your stand is easier than you think and all you have to do is start thinking and then practicing the 3 R’s:


REDUCE the amount of waste you produce.

If you can’t REDUCE it, then when you’re done, can it be RE-USED?

As a final option, can it be RECYCLED?

Some best practise advice for exhibiting is:


  1. Marketing – use your website, the exhibition website and electronic media to promote your attendance at the event.  Reduce the amount of paper required and minimise the number of hand-outs by referring people to your website or physical location.
  2. Printed Material – you will still need to have some literature printed so think about using recycled or at least recyclable paper with vegetable based inks and remember that laminates make the paper un-recyclable.  Also make sure your printed material has a longer life than just the 3 days of the show.
  3.  Communications– prepare an exhibition environmental policy and share it with everyone involved. Make a list of your specific green initiatives and goals, then communicate those to your employees, customers and suppliers.  This will benefit your business by generating good PR and lets your customers know that you act responsibly.
  4. Think ahead – talk to the Organisers and ask what procedures are in place for recycling during build-up, show open and break down.
  5. Use Official Show Contractors – reduce the amount of transport going to the same venue by using the official show contractors for technical equipment and freight forwarding.
  6. Stand Construction – If you have a Space Only stand ask your contractors to design a modular stand that can be re-used for other exhibitions?  If your stand is not modular ask your contractors to avoid using MDF in the construction.


  1. Save Energy – During the exhibition try using low energy equipment whenever possible.  Also talk to the electrical contractors about using low voltage lights for your stand.
  2. Switch Off – The power to stands will be switched off 30mins after the close of the show each day EXCEPT for sockets that have been booked as 24-hour e.g. for fridges.  Make sure you only order 24-hour power for equipment that needs it – this will not only help save energy but also your costs!
  3. Stay Close – Use a hotel that is within walking distance of the venue or has good access via public transport, if you must drive make sure you and others leave together and share cars.


  1. Recycle – Use any recycling facilities available at the venue for appropriate material.  If your stand contractor takes away your unwanted stand waste at the end of the show make sure they dispose of it responsibly!
  2. Re-use – Can you re-use any of your printed material or graphics again throughout the year?  Can you continue using the products you had on display or any other items such as owned furniture?
  3. If not, then these items may be useful to others, such as the local community centres or schools. If you would like contact details for these organisations near to the venue rather than where your company is based please contact the Organisers.



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