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31 Jan 2024

Specialty Polyfilms Announces Participation in HRC Tradeshow 2024, Showcasing Health-Safe & 100% Recyclable Non-PVC Catering Cling Films

Specialty Polyfilms Stand: H315
Specialty Polyfilms Announces Participation in HRC Tradeshow 2024, Showcasing Health-Safe & 100% Recyclable Non-PVC Catering Cling Films
Specialty Introduces Non-PVC Forvara Catering Cling Films at the HRC Show.
Specialty Polyfilms introduces its patented new game changer innovation–PVC Like (PVCL) PE Cling Film developed to emulate the key physical attributes of PVC films, like tackiness, softness and transparency. Added advantage is, it is non-toxic, 100% recyclable & without any obnoxious smell. These are Non-PVC Films made of Polyethylene emulating all the functional properties similar to PVC film.User would find no difference in usage of our PVCL PE Cling Film as compared to PVC ones, from a functional point of view simultaneously preserving the freshness and flavor of your culinary creations upholding the highest standards of food safety, hygiene and sustainability.

Specialty Polyfilms, a leading manufacturer of Health-Safe, 100% Recyclable, Polyethylene Forvara Catering Cling Films, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) tradeshow, to be held in ExCeL London, UK, from March 25-27, 2024. The company will be showcasing its Health-Safe Non-PVC Catering Cling Films designed to offer superior performance in terms of tackiness, softness and transparency while being environmentally friendly.

Visit Specialty Polyfilms at Booth H315 in the Foodservice section to experience the live demonstrations of the Forvara Catering Films and exciting games designed for the Chef Community.


Catering to the Future of Foodservice

From top-rated kitchens to busy school, college, university, workplace cafeterias/dining and Hospital kitchen setups, Forvara Catering Films are designed to meet the industry’s growing demand for 100% recyclable food wrapping films, delivering peak performance without compromising the key functional attributes like Tackiness, Softness & Transparency. These Films maintain the highest standards in food safety, hygiene and sustainability because they are migration-free, tasteless, and odourless.


These unique films branded under the Brand Name “Forvara” offer properties similar to traditional PVC Catering films, including:

● Softness for easy wrapping around various food containers.

● Transparency for clear visibility of food contents.

● Excellent tackiness/Cling for secure wrapping and leak prevention. These films offer exceptional cling to containers made from various materials, including Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Plastics, and Porcelain.

In addition, Forvara Catering films offer following advantage over Traditional Catering Films:

● 100% Recyclable: Made from specially engineered combinations of select food-grade Polyethylene resins, these films are 100% recyclable and do not release harmful chemicals when incinerated or recycled. They contribute to a reduction in the tonnes of PVC plastic waste offering more sustainable choices for the HoReCa industry.

● Free from harmful chemicals: These migration-free films do not contain plasticizers, stabilizers, heavy metals, fungicides, or other harmful substances, ensuring food safety and health


● Odourless and tasteless: Forvara Catering Cling Films are formulated to be tasteless and odourless so that they do not interfere with the flavour and aroma of food, ensuring a truly    enjoyable dining experience for the consumers/ epicure.

● Exceeds food safety standards: Meeting EU directives 10/2011 and its amendments 2018/213, and exceeding migration-free standards, these films are assured for safe food contact.

Additional Certifications: DAR Kosher Certified and BPA Free. For over 20 years, Specialty Polyfilms has established itself as a trusted

Private Label Manufacturer of Retail Cling Films for top retailers in the developed countries like European Countries, the United Kingdom, and United States. Leveraging this experience, the company has developed a Non-PVC Catering Cling Film that mirrors/emulates the key physical attributes of PVC Films while addressing growing concerns about Sustainability & Food & Health-Safety.


Catering to Your Every Need

Specialty Polyfilms understands that every business has unique needs. Therefore, the company offers comprehensive list of customization options for both the Films and Packaging:


Film customization:

Cling level, size, length, perforations on specific intervals and colour can be tailored to Customers’ specific requirements.

Cutter options:

Push-on, stick-on slide cutters, plastic serrated cutters, and metal cutters are available for smooth cutting experience & efficiency.

Packaging customization:

Master cartons and e-flute/duplex packaging along with oil & water-resistant packaging can be customized to meet Customer branding and presentation needs. Anti-Skid Pads are also available for primary packaging.

Sustainable packaging:

FSC-certified primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging can be provided for a truly eco-friendly solution.


Custom printing options are available for Catering Cling Films, Master cartons, and e-flute/duplex packaging. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, expertise in process engineering, and commitment to quality and sustainability, Specialty Polyfilms has earned the trust of top retailers in the UK, US, ANZ, and Europe.

Commenting on the company’s participation in the HRC Tradeshow, Shantanu Deshpande, Director, at Specialty Polyfilms, said:

“Since more and more Culinary Professionals/Food Safety & Sustainability Experts are embracing this shift, we urge you to take this,step towards adopting food-safe and recyclable options by choosing our Films!”



Visit Specialty Polyfilms at HRC 2024, Booth H315 and discover how their non-PVC Catering Cling Films can help your Culinary Industry reduce the plastic waste while protecting the environment.

About Specialty Polyfilms

Specialty Polyfilms is a leading global manufacturer of cutting-edge protective packaging films for food, industrial & agriculture applications. Specialty Polyfilms provides specialized solutions to 200+ customers spread across 25+ countries.
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