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Offering complete solutions, explores the new power of coffee at HRC

Suzhou Dr. Coffee System Technology Co Ltd Stand: 5319
Offering complete solutions, explores the new power of coffee at HRC

Dr. Coffee focuses on the field of automatic coffee machines, this time with CVS(commercial chain), HoReCa(hotel catering), OCS(business office) three series of coffee machine products unveiled HRC, with technology as the core, focusing on showing coffee system solutions in different application scenarios.

The Coffee Master 300 is one of the flagship models of the CVS series. It is equipped with super configuration in terms of production quality, production efficiency, operation intelligence, and body appearance texture. It is equipped with three-bean warehouse and added "one-button milk coffee" function, only for producing master coffee.

F200 series automatic commercial coffee machine, suitable for commercial catering scenes and office application scenarios, can be combined according to the specific application requirements, a variety of configurations, while adding ice coffee function and intelligent water temperature adjustment function, to meet the rapid needs of multiple scenarios.

M12 features a large 10.1-inch full-color screen with gorgeous lighting and metallic exterior. The whole milk road can be disassembled design, no interference milk road self-washing, maintenance and cleaning more in place. Hidden milk tube design, beautiful and more hygienic. Black coffee milk coffee is familiar with the road, is your satisfactory business tool.

Dr. Coffee will continue to improve technology research and development, actively promote the development of the coffee industry, and provide more perfect coffee system solutions.

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