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07 Jan 2024

Eddie and LX610e Turn Treats into Highlights

Eddie and LX610e  Turn Treats into Highlights

Eddie is the world’s first-and-only EU- and FDA-approved edible ink desktop printer for printing directly onto cookies and other food items. Personalised bakery and confectionery products are becoming increasingly popular now. For weddings, corporate hospitality and events at special times of the year, it’s a way of being ‘special’ and standing-out from the crowd. Up until now, bakers and pastry chefs use printed icing sheets, wafer papers and stencils to personalise products today. A method which works well, but is quite labour intensive, and relatively slow.

As Eddie prints full-colour photos, logos, designs and text directly onto the surface of baked goods and confectionery, it saves bakeries and confectionery businesses a lot of time as they no longer have to print on wafer paper or fondant/icing sheets and apply by hand. A highly professional look and great detail are realised, even on curved and uneven surfaces. Eddie turns treats into real eye-catchers and opens up new profits by offering branded and bespoke products.

Eddie turns treats into highlights and opens up new profits by offering branded and bespoke products. Eddie was designed for professional and semi-professional users, and keen hobbyists, who want to take their creativity to the next stage. Helping to increase production and profit margins, offering greater customisation and personalisation.

The direct-to-food printer has a small footprint; only 317 x 474 mm in size and weighs about 11 kg. Where space might be limited in a bakery or confectioners, it can easily be relocated. In automatic mode, Eddie can print typically 5-6 items per minute. It comes with design software for both Windows and MacOS, and is easy to set-up.

Food Industry Certifications

Eddie was designed from the beginning to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for the specific purpose as an edible ink digital printer. The edible ink cartridge meets all FDA and EU standards for use as a food additive. The ink cartridge itself meets cGMP standards and the entire manufacturing and cartridge filling processes are FDA-compliant and cGMP certified. In addition, the edible ink is Kosher and Halal certified and suitable for vegans.

But the job is not done when the baked goods are produced. The packaging of them is at least as important as the wonderful and tasty items in it. Labels are a crucial part of the packaging and have a strong impact on the purchasing process of consumers. They first draw attention to a product and contain plenty of information that can influence consumers to buy a product.

DTM Print offers a range of different label printers. One of them is the LX610e Pro Color Label Printer with the unique feature to print and cut any label shape with just one device in seconds. It combines colour inkjet label printing with a built-in digital die-cutting mechanism. For LX610e Pro, two different types of ink and a wide variety of substrates are available. Dye-based ink prints bright and vibrant colours that are perfect for prime label applications. Pigment-based ink prints labels, that are slightly less bright but stand up to sunlight and water for years.

All DTM Print units within the EU (including the UK and EFTA countries) get up to 36 months warranty: 12 months provided with the purchase and the option of extra 24 months for free after registering the product on the company website ( within the first 30 days of purchase.

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