Sustainable sourcing - why you need to consider how soil health is linked to gut health, nutrient density and taste

21 Mar 2022
Better Hospitality Conference
With so much focus on carbon emissions, soil health can often get overlooked, yet soil health is central to environmental regeneration, carbon sequestration and biodiversity. It is also closely linked to nutrient density and gut health and the great thing is that mostly people can taste the difference. In this joint presentation by chef nutritionist and sustainability consultant Julie Cleijne and farmer and founder of FarmEd, Jonty Brunyee, we'll be hearing what this means for hospitality when it comes to sourcing ingredients and looking at their Scope 3 emissions strategy. We'll also get an understanding of some of the challenges farmers face in measuring carbon and transitioning to regenerative farming. The following session will explore in more detail how hospitality operators and chefs can best support farmers in making this transition.
Julie Cleijne - Sustainable Kitchen Consultants
Tom Denman, Chefs Farms